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This page is about Port, a recurrent Disney's character. For deeper information about other franchises see Disney Wikia.

Port is a member of Captain Zarina's crew during her time as The Pirate Fairy, and later he helped Captain James Hook to produce Pixie Dust via a regular maple tree fueled by Blue Pixie Dust, until Tink and her friends got it back.

In the Disney Fairies/Tinker Bell franchise, he debuted in The Pirate Fairy (film).


Port is a pirate who was under Captain James Hook's authority along with the rest of the crew. They secretly tricked Zarina (at the time a regular dust-keeper) into stealing the powerful Blue Pixie Dust to infuse it inside an ordinary maple, so it could produce Pixie Dust and make their pirate ship fly. But thanks to Tinker Bell and her friends their plot were ruined; the Blue Dust got back to its rigthful place in Pixie Hollow, James Hook and his pirate crew were left in open sea and the guests were awakened in Fairy Coliseum by special mixes of Pixie Dust taught by Zarina herself.