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Sleepy Poppies

The Poppies are a type of a plant debuted in The Pirate Fairy (film). Rosetta states she never works with them, as their pink-colored pollen makes her sleepy.[1] Zarina had grew many poppies at Fairy Coliseum to put all fairy spectators (including the Ministers, Queen Clarion, Fairy Mary and Lord Milori) into a deep sleep that would last for at least two days. Zarina did it at the Four Seasons Festival to stole the all-powerful Blue Pixie Dust from the Pixie Dust Mill without being seen, noticed or followed. Even the Winter Fairies fell under the poppies' effects.

Not to be confused with Poppy, a nursing-talent fairy.


In order to instantly grow the poppies, Zarina used Pink Pixie Dust she'd created through Pixie Dust Alchemy-Talent. It mimicks a garden fairy's inborn abilities to bloom flora instantly.

Fairies asleep

Before Tinker Bell and her friends left to go after Zarina, she remembered Clank to provide a constant flux of snow to Lord Milori's winter-talents via the Snow Maker. Clank escaped the poppies because he wasn't in the Fairy Coliseum when Zarina released the sleepy pollen all over everyone. Due to her knowledge about them, Rosetta saved her friends and hid them inside the Music Box, until Clank released them by pressing a button.

At the end of the movie when the Blue Pixie Dust were retrieved back to Pixie Hollow, the fairies concocted mixes of colored Pixie Dust that made everyone at the coliseum awake from their slumber. Silvermist used her Fast-flying-talent to summon a wind gust to spread the antidote all over the fairy spectators, awakening them. Then, Zarina used multi-colored Pixie Dust to change back Tinker Bell and her best-friends' original talents and they performed a show using their magical abilities.