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Pixie Previews are short animations based on the motion pictures.

Some DVDs came with deleted scenes and "Bloopers," 20 seconds shorts. Those, however, will not be listed in this page.


Pixie Preview - 2nd logo

second logo

There are 46 Pixie Preview at total with approximately one minute or one minute and a half each each. The first 7 shorts debuted around February 2008, on Disney Channel and Disney's websites, before first movie was released.[1] From them, Tinker Bell: A Tinker Fairy and Fawn: An Animal Fairy had two videos under a same introductory title. No other short received a same name, the closest to it being "How I Train [character]", "How To [subject]" and "Rosetta Garden's Lesson [number]."

Featuring main and secondary characters from the movies, the shorts were themed on the motion picture that was being released at the time and some were released as DVDs' extra content.

The first Pixie Previews had the narrated introduction:

"It is time for another Pixie Preview when we sneak a peak at Tinker Bell and her friends from Pixie Hollow." "Let us catch up with [character] right now."

With the second logo, the shorts introduction then changed to just "It is time for another Pixie Preview" and later, with the release of the third Disney Fairies' logo, past and new shorts changed to no narrated introduction at all and no new Pixie Preview's logo, with past shorts being edited to show the third Disney Fairies' logo. Only Shooting Stars was published in an official channel without its own short's logo.[2]


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  • Although Pixie Hollow's website was closed on September 19, 2013, the shorts could still be viewed on Disney Video website (with region block). Those, however, were later removed as well.
  • Some Pixie Previews are available in Disney's official Youtube channels such as Disney Princess, being however "unlisted."


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