Pixie Hollow Games

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Distributed by
Walt Disney Pictures DisneyToon Studios
Directed by
Bradley Raymond
Produced by
Helen Kalafatic
Mae Whitman

Lucy Liu


Megan Hilty

Angela Bartys
Music by
Joel McNeely
United States
Release date
November 19, 2011
Running time
22 minutes
Pixie hollow games
This is the Pixie Hollow Games event. you might be looking for the special Pixie Hollow Games (special) or the play Pixie Hollow Games (play).

The Pixie Hollow Games is a sports event in Pixie Hollow Games. It is either a race or a series of different sports with talent fairies competing against each other.


Each competing guild is represented by two fairies.  They must work as a team, and both must finish an event together to count.

Precisely how fairies are usually chosen to enter the games isn't completely detailed.  Chloe trained and volunteered to represent the garden-talent fairies, and when nobody else volunteered  a name was drawn from a basket to pick another at "random" - in reality, the basket only had Rosetta's name in it, as Rosetta had avoided competing in the game while her guild-mates had suffered humiliating defeats.

The opening ceremonies take place at the Fairy Coliseum.  The competitors enter the coliseum and are introduced to the spectators.  Queen Clarion arrives to welcome the spectators and wish good luck to the competitors.  Once the opening ceremonies are over, the first game begins.  The games go on for three days, with one event on the first day, four events on the second day, and one event on the last day.

The trophy that class talent to win the Pixie Hollow Games.



  • Leapfrogging
  • Dragonfly Water Skiing  
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    events of the pixie hollow game.

  • Mouse Polo
  • Twig Spears
  • Teacup Challenge
  • Derby Cart Race


  • Similar to the Great Games Day
  • The Pixie Hollow Games seems to add alot new characters, probably more than the other movies
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