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Pixie Hollow Comedy Night

Tinker Bell performing at Fairy Tale Theater

Pixie Hollow Comedy Night was a play on Pixie Hollow Online during the 2011 Silly Days event and performed at Fairy Tale Theater. It was released on March 29, 2011 until April 12, 2011 alongside 2011 Silly Days play. Tinker Bell, Silvermist, Rosetta, Iridessa, and Fawn reach performed together telling jokes.


Tinker Bell: Fly with you, Fairies and Sparrow men!
Welcome to Pixie Hollow Comedy Night!
Simone wanted to be in charge...
…but she forgot to say “Simone Says” first, so I got the job!
Let me introduce our first funny Fairy, Silvermist!
Silvermist: Hi, everybody!
So, How'd the fish find out how much he weighed?
He stepped on a scale!
Why did the Fairy cross the sea?
To get to the other tide!
Tinker Bell, I need you for this one. Knock knock!
Tinker Bell: Who's there?
Silvermist: Water.
Tinker Bell: Water who?
Silvermist: Water you doing just hovering around?
Introduce the next funny Fairy!
Tinker Bell: Our next funny Fairy is ROSETTA!
Rosetta: Goodness, listen that applause!
You're ROOTIN' for me already!
Tell me this, sugars - - what kind of tree can fit in your hand?
A palm tree, o'course!
Why did Lily's cookies bloom?
'Cuz she used flower in her recipe!
Why do bumble bees have sticky hair?
'Cuz they use honeycombs, hee hee!
Thanks tons, sugars! I gotta leaf now!
Tinker Bell: Next up, the brightest Fairy in the sunflower field - - IRIDESSA!
Iridessa: Hi, everybody! Do you know why fireflies are so happy?
Because they glow with de-light!
What do you feed a hungry firefly?
Oh, just a light snack!
What did one firefly say to the other? "Where are you glowing tonight?"
You were flashtastic, everybody! Think shiny thoughts!
Tinker Bell: Thanks, Iridessa! That was very illuminating. Next up - - FAWN!
Fawn: Heya, all you chickadees!
Do you know what kind of music bunnies like best?
Hip Hop!
Thank you, thank you.
What kind of cookies does Dulcie bake for birds?
Chocolate Chirp!
Thank you again. How would Elixa help a sick songbird?
Give him medical tweetment!
Oh, c'mon, it wasn't that bad.
HA! I knew it! You're the best, chickadees!
Tinker Bell: And that's the end of our show, Fairies and Sparrow men!
Hope you enjoyed it!
Iridessa: Bye!
Rosetta: Bye!
Fawn: Later, gators!
Silvermist: Bye!