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Pixie Hollow Online was a MMO (massively multiplayer online) game from Disney Online (PixieHollow.com). Players could create a Fairy or Sparrow Man character and play as him or her and participate in events, complete quests, shop, dress up, collect ingredients, play mini-games, earn talent points, choose an animal friend, chat, host a party, earn badges, and more.

Create a Fairy

Before November 10, 2011, you could create up to three fairies or sparrow men. After this date, only members who created a fairy as a member before this change could have three fairies per account. There was a minimal amount of hairstyles that you could start with, but you could get more later as you collected ingredients. You could also choose one of these talents for your fairy or sparrow man: Tinker, Water, Garden, Light, or Animal.

The creation process drastically changed over the years, and some of the changes were frowned upon, such as the option to make a custom outfit at your arrival being taken away, as well as the hairstyle limit.


Main Article: List of Pixie Hollow Quests

The game was centered around your pixie gaining Talent Points to achieve a higher Talent Level. A key factor in achieving this goal were Quests.

These would often be given to you by your Mentor Fairy, as well as the other Famous Fairies around the Hollow.


New PH Help Guide - Talent Games Page 1b

There were mini-games scattered all around Pixie Hollow's meadows, referred to as "Talent Games." Playing these games would help increase a players Talent Level. While all players could play levels Easy, Medium, Hard, and Royal, a membership was required to "Play All" (playing all the levels in chronological order).

There were also multiplayer games that could be played at parties (except Animal Derby) and ingredient rewards that changed each season.


Main Article: List of Pixie Hollow Events

Events were when players of Pixie Hollow could celebrate mainland-like holidays with their friends. Some events also featured special collections for purchase released in shops, free special items, and seasonal badges.

Since the locks of membership/diamonds were raised, events became less useful to people who did not pay for a membership. For example, free players could not visit the ballroom; therefore, they could not get the special gift inside. Free players also had locks on most badges, such as member-only quests.

Events and their dates:

  • Art Month (January)
  • Sweet Week (First Week of February)
  • Fairy Friendship Festival (February after Sweet Week)
  • Spring Preparation Quest (Early March)
  • Spring Disaster (March before Spring)
  • Spring Celebration (Rest of March)
  • Silly Days (Depends on the year, corresponded with Spring Celebration in 2013)
  • Mermaid Party (April 2013, corresponded with Silly Days in previous years)
  • Never Dove Egg Hunt (April)
  • Animal Mother's Day (May)
  • Garden Tea Party (June before Summer)
  • Camp Pixie Dust (Summertime)
  • Great Games (Spring 2009 and Summer 2010)
  • Summer Splash Party (August)
  • End of Summer Sparkler (Early September)
  • Changing of the Leaves (September before Autumn)
  • Autumn Equinox (Rest of September)
  • Animal Masquerade (October)
  • Fairy Feast (November)
  • Great Winter Light Up (December before Winter)
  • Winter Wonderland Party (Rest of December)
  • Movie Event (around the time a new Tinkerbell movie was released, different every year)




Clickables were toys players could buy that would be able to interact with the game.

These came in the forms of Disney Fairies themed charms, bracelets, and games.

By linking your Clickable with your account, your in-game Pixie would be able to get:

  • Temporary Butterflies
  • Exclusive clothing
  • House décor
  • Accessories


Pixie Hollow Online Map

The map of Pixie Hollow in Pixie Hollow Online prior to Fairy Coliseum being built

Meadows were places you could explore, gather items, complete quests, and access shops or games. The meadows included:

Spring Meadows:

Summer Meadows:

Autumn Meadows:

Winter Meadows:

Special Event Meadows:

Never Council

Never Council

The Never Council were a group of fairies that were made by the creators of the game. They consisted of:

Fun facts about the NC include:

  1. Marina's hairstyle was changed.
  2. Slate was not actually an original character, as he was added during the time Sparrow Men were released.
  3. Sweet Pea's necklace had a "Hidden Mickey".
  4. Kit was the only fairy to have a tattoo (she claimed it is a birthmark).
  5. Only Kit and Marina had quest homes, as Slate and Sweet Pea did not.
  6. Tabby answered Pixie's questions regarding present day or future events.
  7. Slate rarely posted in the Never News and didn't even appear in the 2012 Camp Pixie Dust picture in the Never News!

Shops and Crafting Areas

Shops were where you could buy items for your fairy, specifically in a collection. Nooks/Kitchens were crafting areas where you could bake/tailor/tinker items to practice or get for your fairy. This included:


Retired Shops:


Policies and Rules

Code Of Conduct:

As the game was prominently meant for children to enjoy, you would have had to obey four simple rules when playing. These consisted of:

  1. Always be kind and respect other Fairies. The Never Council does not tolerate any swearing, cheating, bullying, begging for virtual gifts, or any kind of mean or inappropriate behavior. Any Fairy who does not follow these rules while playing will be dealt with appropriately.
  2. Never reveal any of your real-world personal information. The best way to ensure you stay safe online is to NEVER share your real name, phone number, home address, e-mail, social networking site information, or pictures of yourself with ANYONE. Also, never exchange account information such as your member name or password with anyone under any circumstances.
  3. Chat nicely with other Fairies. The Never Council will not permit talk about drugs, sex, race, or topics that may disturb other Fairies. Any Fairy who does not respect the peace of Pixie Hollow will be asked to leave the game.
  4. No cheating. Any use of third-party programs is not allowed. Fairies who use any third-party programs while playing risk being permanently banned from the game.

(For more info, please read their FAQs.)


On August 20th, 2013, the Never Council announced that the game would close on September 19th, 2013 (this was scheduled for two of Disney's other MMORPGs, Pirates of the Caribbean Online and Toontown). As a "thank you" for all the players, they allowed all accounts free unlimited member access until the closing.

The end of pixie hollow

Though it was stated that the reason for closing was to focus on mobile apps and their soon to be only online world, Club Penguin, this is not the only reason behind the close, as they also were closing the games because of all the money they wasted making Disney Infinity, which in itself officially closed on March 3rd, 2017.

The Closing FAQ by Disney can be found here. though it now redirects to a 404 error.

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