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The Orchard pixie hollow

The Orchard is a forest of fruit & nut trees that lies beside Havendish Stream. Across from the Orchard, on the opposite side of the stream, is the Meadow.

With the abundance of food on the trees here, most of the tree-picking-talents can be found working in the Orchard. However, all of the falling fruit and nuts makes it incredibly dangerous for the standard Never Fairy- even other Harvest-talents are at risk here.[1]

At the very end of the Orchard is the Sour Plum Tree, which bears bright purple, incredibly sour fruit. Vidia lives there, and will drive away anyone who comes near.[1]

The Orchard is visited in Tinker Bell (2008), as Fawn uses it as the Animal-talent training grounds for Tinker Bell, who wants to change her talent. Here, Tinker Bell attempts to teach a baby bird how to fly. However, things go badly as Tink ends up getting a hawk to wreck the Orchard. Tinker Bell visits the Orchard again when she travels Vidia's house. The Lookout Towers are also located in the Orchard.