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Pixie Hollow was not always the small patch of Never Land's forest that is now. Once it was a great kingdom, covering forests, canyons, mountains and lakes. Back then, it was a separate place from Never Land.
— History of Pixie Hollow[1]

Pixie Hollow first movie

Pixie Hollow (or "Fairy Haven" in the novels)[2] is the secret world at the heart of Never Land where Fairies live and work to create the four seasons for delivery on the Mainland. Only those who can fly can visit the hollow.

Gwendolyn Carlisle, a human girl, once visited it while Pixie Dust-supplied.[3]

This concealed, mystical land is ruled over by Queen Clarion, while a portion of the hollow that rest in perpetual ice and snow is called "Winter Woods", a former forbidden domain to non-winter (or warm-weather) fairies. Ruled by the Queen's love interest, Lord Milori, the ever-snowy portion is home to winter-talents (or fairies).[4] While there, Tinker Bell discovered that she had a sister named Periwinkle, and that their wings were exactly the same pattern and size, which caused them to glow intense when the sisters approached each other. Unlike Tink, Peri is a frost fairy and is unable to visit her due to the weather conditions (it's too hot for winter fairies on the warm seasons, and too cold for warm-weather fairies in the Winter Woods).


PHSecret Portal

The secret entrance to Pixie Hollow, behind a waterfall atop Never Land

The History of Pixie Hollow

Each of the four seasons coexists at all times in Pixie Hollow, presided over by a specific Seasonal minister; they are in charge of heading and inspecting their respective season before delivery on the Mainland.

The Pixie Dust Tree is located at the center of Pixie Hollow. There, Pixie Dust flows down to be properly sifted by dust-keepers; Queen Clarion's palace and the ministers' chambers are also inside it. It is said the roots from the Pixie Dust Tree spreads all over Pixie Hollow; one of them is responsible for providing Pixie Dust for winter-talents; as they can't cross The Border and venture into the warm-weather seasons division.

The NeverBeast (or Gruff)[5] is the guardian of Pixie Hollow, as he is known to ensure protection to Queen Clarion's kingdom from a destructive, massive green storm (although it only occurs in a couple of centuries) when a green comet roams the hollow's night sky. After returning to his slumber, Scouting-talent fairies and sparrowmen carry on his task and protect Never Fairies from regular yet equally dangerous threats, such as dangerous hawks and equally harmful wasps.

Pixie Hollow Online Map

Pixie Hollow's online map in Pixie Hollow Online

Nevertheless, Summoning-talent fairies are perhaps the law of Pixie Hollow - whenever Queen Clarion needs to talk to somebody else, Viola, the only known summoning fairy, blows out her horn and invites them to the Pixie Dust Tree to meet up with Queen Clarion inside it. If a fairy or sparrowman steps out of line, Viola also warns them about it.

Places of interest

Pixie Hollow map

A map to Pixie Hollow's seasonal realms


In the books, Mother Dove lives in Pixie Hollow near the Home Tree in the branches of a hawthorn. In Gail Carson Levine's novels (but not in the chapter books), the place is referred to as "Fairy Haven". During Tinker Bell's lifetime, it used to produce regular golden Pixie Dust, which allowed herself, her friends and others to fly. When a terrible fire swept Never Land burning everything at its patch, the enchanted tree perished but miraculously an ordinary yet pure-hearted dove didn't. Instead of dying, it became a magical creature vested with great knowledge. By now, she were known as Mother Dove, which whom restored magic and life to Never Land and the forest patch that Pixie Hollow did became. It's also her egg that prevents everyone (including the Never Fairies) from ever aging in all of the island, as long it remains safe and sound under her soft and motherly plumage.

By molting Mother Dove's feathers, the fairies also discovered a new way of producing Fairy Dust, which also allowed them to fly once again.