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Pixie Dust Well

The Pixie Dust Well is where Pixie Dust flowing directly from the Pixie Dust Tree's own very mystic heart falls down.[1]Up above it, is where a new fairy or sparrowman discovers its innate magical talent on their Arrival Day. The Pixie Dust stored there is always incessantly flowing down to a lower degree towards the Pixie Dust Mill's complex machinery which lies just below it to be sifted by dust-talents[2] daily (under Fairy Gary's supervision). At the Autumn Revelry, Blue Pixie Dust is sprinkled inside the Pixie Dust Well, making it turn from gold to pure light-blue, replenishing the Pixie Dust Tree with strenght and vitality during the process.


In Secret of the Wings, the Frost/Snowflake fairies visited it for the first time ever due to the threat that buried the other realms of Spring Valley, Summer Glade and Autumn Forest under ice. Lord Milori, their ruler, also helped his love interest to warm herself so she wouldn't damage her wings or perish in the freezing temperature that were threatening her subjects, the warm seasons and the Pixie Dust Tree alike. But fortunately, they all didn't had met their demise when Tinker Bell had the idea of using her sister and her friends' Gliss and Spike's ability to freeze whatever they wanted to protect it. By other hand, the denizen fairies of Pixie Hollow were given warm coats and went to hide when the blizzard froze everything at its patch and the dust ceased to flow completely. Once the sunbeams shone brightly and melted away the gross layer of ice, everyone (especially Queen Clarion) was delighted to see that the tree had survived the cold and had returned to produce Pixie Dust as regularly. Even in Lord Milori's domain, the dust began its course down to the ice basin once more, filling it completely and sprinkling Slush, who was meditating at the end of the branch.


Tinker Bell (DS game)[]

The Pixie Dust Well is one of three areas that can be accessed in the Pixie Dust Tree. It is where Terence can be found during the daytime and occasionally reads a poem based on a lost item found in the Balloon Wagon.