The Pixie Dust Tree in the heart of Pixie Hollow.

Pixie Dust Trees are special trees that produce pixie dust. Pixie dust flows from their hearts, where it is collected and processed by Dust-talent fairies. Their strength must be replenished every eight years with blue pixie dust. Ordinary trees can be made into pixie dust trees (which requires an application of Blue Pixie Dust.)

The Pixie Dust Tree

The Pixie Dust Tree in Pixie Hollow is a large tree that grows in the heart of Pixie Hollow.  It provides pixie dust to all of the warm-weather fairies. It also appears that Queen Clarion's "palace" is contained within the Pixie Dust Tree in the films.[1]

The Pixie Dust Tree of Winter Woods

The Pixie Dust Tree in the Winter Woods

A root of the pixie dust tree extends out to the Winter Woods to provide pixie dust to the winter fairies, who cannot go to the warm parts of Pixie Hollow lest their wings melt and break.  If something should happen to the main tree in the heart of Pixie Hollow, it will stop flowing.

Zarina's Pixie Dust Tree

In The Pirate FairyZarina created a new Pixie Dust Tree near the coast to provide dust to her pirate crew. Silvermist later remarked that they had an "extra," implying that it remained functional.


The Pixie Dust Tree stood for many years until it was eventually destroyed in a battle. The fairies feared for their existence, but discovered Mother Dove, whom Never Land had granted the magic to provide fairy dust via her molted feathers.[2]

Places at the Pixie Dust Tree

In Pixie Hollow Online


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