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The Original Pixie Dust Tree
On your lead, my dear. All right, everyone. To the Pixie Dust Tree!

The Pixie Dust Tree is located at the heart of Pixie Hollow. It is visible from everywhere and its roots spread across the entirety of Pixie Hollow. Queen Clarion lives in the Pixie Dust Tree, watching over the whole of Pixie Hollow. The golden dust which stem from it is known for birthing fairies and Winter Fairies alike and providing the magic needed for flying, so they could travel to the Mainland, help and assist nature with their magical talents and bring the four seasons, while inspiring the belief of human children at the same time. The Pixie Dust Tree is the source of all magic in the Disney Fairies universe.[1] It is also about the size of an oak tree[ Reference Needed. ], as average fairies and associated sparrowmen are known to be usually 5 inches tall (12.7 cm) i.e. tiny as a mouse.


It is a large and old, yet well-cared for mystical tree located at the very heart of Pixie Hollow. It is where Pixie Dust flows down to the Pixie Dust Mill's machinery, where Dust keeper fairies work hard to ensure every fairy or sparrowman has his or her daily Pixie Dust ration. In its upper-base, all warm-weather fairies/sparrowmen are born, and its where they discover their inborn talents, all magical and unique in their own right. Every eight years, the tree is replenished with Blue Pixie Dust, that makes it stronger and functional.[2] (although Fairy Gary and Zarina supplied it with many blue sparkling specks (26 to be more precise) after the events of The Lost Treasure).[3] It is said that the tree's roots spreads everywhere in Pixie Hollow. The magical origins of the Pixie Dust Tree, how it came to grow up and first initiated dust production from its own very heart may could be recorded in Dustology,[ Reference Needed. ] a book specialized about Pixie Dust lore regarding the mystical tree, which allowed Never Fairies to exist.[4]

Places of interest[]

At Winter Woods[]

One of the roots of the Pixie Dust Tree has made a long way towards the perpetually icy land of Winter Woods to naturally provide Pixie Dust for the Winter Fairies.[4] They will never have to cross over The Border into the warm portions of Pixie Hollow to go after Pixie Dust, as it is guaranteed in their own native homeland. As long the Pixie Dust Tree is safe, the supply in the winter realm also does and will flow down; the ice basin will never be empty and new winter-talents for sure will arrive (be born) without worrying about the dangerous warm portions of Queen Clarion's kingdom and outside her love interest, Lord Milori's ever-snowy boundaries.

Zarina's Pixie Dust Tree[]

In the fourth sequel, Zarina created an alternate Pixie Dust Tree at Skull Rock to provide regular golden Pixie Dust to her pirate crew.[3] Silvermist later remarked that they had an "extra," implying that it remained functional. In order to sprout and create an ordinary tree much faster, the latter probably used Pink Pixie Dust (which has magical properties of Garden-talent of blooming instantly flora) and infused the all powerful-mystical Blue Pixie Dust (that she'd stole from the Pixie Dust Mill) at its core, which made the tree magical as long the blue dust were dropping inside it. But at the end, a reformed Zarina gives the glass necklace containing the remaining sparkling dust in blue color to Tinker Bell (during her final moments as a water-talent fairy) who gives it to Queen Clarion and informs her that Pixie Hollow was saved once again, since the strong blizzard that buried it under ice in the third sequel.[4]


In the books, The Pixie Dust Tree stood for many years until it was eventually destroyed in a battle. The fairies feared for their existence, but discovered Mother Dove, whom Never Land had granted the magic to provide fairy dust during the molt (in which her feathers were grounded into it).[5]In its place, stood the Home Tree inhabited by hundreds of fairies and sparrowmen.


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