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Pixie Dust Powers is a Mini-game, currently available on Toongo.


Characters: Zarina, Silvermist, Rosetta, Vidia, Fawn, Iridessa, Fairy Gary and Tinker Bell (only in icon and homepage).

Fauna: Bluebird, Hummingbird, Firefly.

Locations: Pixie Hollow, Zarina's House.


The game saved automatically on browser, being possible to delete data in the home page.

With the mouse cursor move Zarina around the map and click to collect ingredients by playing mini-games or trading with other fairies. With the ingredients, create the talents dusts bottles that clear the map by removing blockages.


  • Waterfall - x1 water dust bottle
  • Vines - x6 garden dust bottles
  • Bird - x7 animal dust bottles
  • Leaves - x10 fast flying dust bottles
  • Fireflies - x10 light dust bottles


Dust Item Pixie Dust Spin (inside mini-game only) Blue Dust
Pixie Dust Powers - water dust bottle
Dewdrop5 Dewdrops
(3 in mini-game)
3 counterclockwise x5 1
Pixie Dust Powers - garden dust bottleGarden Pixie Dust Powers - petals12 Petals
(4 in mini-game cut in 6 parts)
6 clockwise x7 1
Pixie Dust Powers - animal dust bottleAnimal Pixie Dust Powers - egg shell8 Egg Shells
(1 half in mini-game, smashed 5 times)
8 (5 in mini-game) clockwise x5 1
Pixie Dust Powers - fast flying dust bottleFast Flying Pixie Dust Powers - feather25 Feathers
(1 in mini-game cut in 6 parts)
9 (7 in mini-game) clockwise x7 1
Pixie Dust Powers - light dust bottleLight Pixie Dust Powers - seed10 Sunflower Seeds
(3 in mini-game, smashed 8 times)
10 (5 in mini-game) counterclockwise x10 1

Apart from Crafting no other mini-game received a title. Their instruction follow:

Story / Walkthrough[]

(See "Crafting" above for the full dusts list.)

Zarina "the pirate fairy" was on a quest exploring pixie hollow, seeking for blue pixie dust, and for such she needed (the player's) help. Near Zarina's house was Fairy Gary that told she would need to create water talent pixie dust (x1) to open the waterfall or she would not be able to fly from wet wings. To create the dust, it was needed to collect dewdrops with a leaf bucket (dewdrop icon mini-game) or trade with Silvermist that was "up to her head-band in work," offering dewdrops (x10) for water dust bottles (x2).

Past the waterfall, near the trees top, Fairy Gary told that the vines were too thick to fly through, yet the passage could be cleared with garden talent pixie dust (x6). To create the dust it was needed to plant seeds (petals icon mini-game) or trade with Rosetta, that offered her "petal reserves" (x15) for water talent fairy dust (x3), to save her flowers from dying.

On the trees top, at the right side, was Fairy Gary, Fawn and a sleeping bird blocking the way, that could be moved with animal dust (x7). To create the dust it was needed to help birds hatching (egg shells icon mini-game) or trade with Fawn that would hand "some extra egg shells" (x20) she had in exchange for garden dust (x5), as she needed to help the forest animals that could not find anything to eat.

After the bird flew away, past its nest was Vidia that needed animal talent dust (x2) to convince birds to race her and in return she would collect feathers (x10). Further on the left and inside a tree trunk, Fairy Gary commented that there could be "something under the pile of leaves," that a fast flying talent dust (x10) could blow it away. To create it was needed to guide a humming bird through glowing flowers to collect its feathers (feather icon mini-game) or make the trade with Vidia.

Pass the leaves, down the trunk, to the right, was a sunflowers field. There Iridessa said she had "so much to get done" and needed fast flying dust (x3) in exchange for "a bunch of sunflower seeds" (x15). Bellow the field was a cave that Fairy Gary alerted being too dark, that Zarina (the player) could get lost and would need light talent dust (x10) to brighten the path. To create the dust it was needed to remove the seeds from the sunflowers (seed icon mini-game) or make the trade with Iridessa. In the end the dust was used in the fireflies that cleared the path. (The game ends here, yet players can continue replaying the mini-games and trades).


  • This game has similar theme to Zarina's Pixie Dust Experiments and Pixie Dust Magic.
  • When completing the game
    • There was no text informing the game was completed
    • Fairy Gary no longer appears
    • At the last part of the map there was nothing there, no fairy and rarely appearing dust and the fast flying mini-game.
  • There were bugs in the game.
    • In some areas of the game when crossing from one side to the other the player would get stuck without return, having to reset the game completely.
    • Sometimes when opening a dialogue box, the box would get stuck in the right bottom corner. This bug could be fixed by reloading the page or resizing it.
  • All characters and ingredients changed their location except for Silvermist.
  • Zarina's book was not called by as Pixie Dust Experiments despite using the same image.
    • Rosetta was called as Rose in the book.