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Pixie Dust Distribution Depot

The Pixie Dust Mill is located at the base of the Pixie Dust Tree. There, Pixie Dust flowing from the Pixie Dust Tree is sifted, refined, and divided into individual rations to be delivered as necessary. It is where Dust-keeper (Dust-talent) fairies works every day while they are overseen by Fairy Gary.

Pixie Hollow Online[]

Pixie Dust Mill Exterior

The Pixie Dust Mill's appearance in Pixie Hollow Online. On the outside of it is a picture of Terence.

In the online MMO Pixie Hollow Online, Pixie Dust Mill is located at the bottom left of Havendish Square, close to Havendish Stream.

It is here that player pixie learns all they need to about Talent Points, Talent Skills and Talent Levels.

Talent Points are earned by baking, tailoring, tinkering, playing Talent Games, and completing quests assigned to them by Famous Fairies. Talent Points are used to increase a pixie's Talent Level, which grants them the ability to perform more Talent Skills (which are especially helpful in The Wilderness) as well as bake new kinds of sweets in Dulcie's Kitchen.

A note left by Terence on the Pixie Dust Mill. It reads: "Out making Pixie Dust Deliveries! I'll send you a message when it is time to meet." On the bottom of the letter is Terence's signature.

If a player tries to visit Terence without being prompted to, they are met with this sign.

Players cannot visit the Pixie Dust Mill unless they are given the opportunity by the game- either by quest or by hitting a special Talent Level that would prompt a discussion with Terence. Every time a pixie visits Terence, they are also met with their talent's Mentor Fairy.