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Pixie Dust Magic is a mobile game from LeapFrog published in 2014.

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The game works with: LeapPad Academy, LeapPad Ultimate, LeapPad Jr., LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition, LeapFrog Epic, LeapPad Platinum, LeapPad3, LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad2, LeapPad1, LeapsterGS Explorer and Leapster Explorer.

"Type: Learning game. Curriculum: Physical Science. Teaches skills, forces and motion, logic & reasoning, problem solving, simple machines."[1]


With the writing pen, click and drag the items to complete the puzzles. There are 30 puzzle board and mixing dust levels.

  • Machine magic: Illustration with the gadgets' function.
  • "Pixie Puzzles: Arrange and test simple machines on 30 increasingly difficult puzzle boards to move (blue) pixie dust to the pixie dust jar.
  • Mix Master: Mix ingredients with the stylus to create new colors of pixie dust. Complete all 30 levels to restore the fairies’ powers!"[1]


Tinker Bell knocked over a vial of blue dust, making the fairies' talents get mixed up. Zarina needs the player's help to restore the talents. With Tink’s "gadget—like pulleys and inclined planes" - wedges, wells, levers and Zarina’s own contraptions - the blue pixie dust slides back to the jar, new colored pixie dust is made and the talents are restored.




Disney's The Pirate Fairy- Pixie Dust Magic - Learning Video Game for Kids - LeapFrog


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