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Pixie dust experiments book

The Pixie Dust Experiments is a fictional book from The Pirate Fairy (film)'s 2014 line, mentioned to be Zarina's "lab book/journal" to practice experiments with Pixie Dust.


In The Pirate Fairy (film), the book is shown at the beginning of the movie, in Zarina's House. Zarina flips the book pages (six with distinct images containing no title neither with a specific order, varying in many frames) and after a blue pixie dust falls from her hair on top of the book, she starts her experiments again, using the book with Tinker Bell's help. Later the book is seen one last time in Zarina's bag when she packs to leave.

Pixie dust experiments - from pirate fairy comic

the book as seen in the comic

In Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy (graphic novel), the book is seen briefly in two frames on the same page with the sunflower.

In The Pirate Fairy (chapter book), it says Zarina's book had "detailed dozen of experiments" writing the same thing every time "No Result." A page had written "light talent: two parts sunflower seed, a dash of moonflower, golden dust..." Later Tink flipped the books page and Zarina took it with her when she left Pixie Hollow.

Pixie dust powers - book

book as seen in game

In Pixie Dust Powers (game), the book can be seen in the tutorial and on the right bottom corner of the screen, being used for "inventory, tasks and crafting." The book's name on its cover, however, is unreadable and was not mentioned elsewhere in-game. Inside it, in Tasks, Rosetta's name was spelled as "Rose" and in Crafting it has the following talent dust recipes: water, garden, animal, fast flying and light; with the respective ingredients: dewdrops, petals, egg shells, feathers and sunflower seeds; Pixie dust and blue pixie dust were included in all recipes. Inside the crafting mini-game the recipes changed slightly from that of the book.


See Pixie Dust for all recipes information.

Movie/Books version[]

Description bellow is from what was drawn/can be seen on the images and does not contain movie's dialogue. No animal dust page was shown.

Page (screenshot) Illustrations description
Pixie dust experiments book - no result page
"No Result"
Contain the words "No Result" at the bottom and unreadable sentences at the top, with red marks that varied only once beside a garden-talent page. This page mostly stays on the right side as a "pair" to other pages.
Pixie dust experiments book - light page
Light-talent dust
A sunflower, two sunflower seeds, a sun with a moon inside, a white flower (similar to a white Ipomoea cairica), a retort flask connected via green strings, in spiral, upwards to a straight thin tube (possibly a boiling tube).
Pixie dust experiments book - fast flying page
Fast-flying-talent dust
A wooden spoon with yellow content (similar to common Pixie Dust) pointing to a machine made of a silver pot (similar to a thimble) connected via green strings to a brown/wooden straight structure (like the shape of the number seven) with switch at the top attaching to an arm on the left side with at its tip a pear-shaped funnel (similar to a Separatory funnel) drooping a liquid in three purple feathers while one feather floats above it.
Pixie dust experiments book - water page
Water-talent dust
A spoon with a white content (petal or liquid), a mortar and pestle with blue unknown squares inside it, a structure made of a scale and a flask (similar to Erlenmeyer flask or Fernbach flask with acorn's top at the bottom).
Pixie dust experiments book - garden page
Garden-talent dust
A pink flower (similar to Star Headed Suitor) pointing towards a set of test tubes (and another unclear image), then pointing to a flask (unclear shape) and a structure made of another flask joining upwards to three green nets (like a filter/strainer) with at its tip in the bottom an apple-shaped funnel (similar to a Separatory funnel).
Pixie dust experiments book - tinker page 3
(possibly Tinker-talent dust)
A silver dipper ladle with yellow content (similar to Pixie Dust) pointing to something green (like moss/green rock) directing to a structure made of two flower funnel and a flask made of three round sections (similar to Kipp's apparatus), with green strings joining the funnels and flask side by side.

Game version[]

No Tinker dust was available.

Page Description
Pixie dust power - crafting
Five colored row boxes with colored bottles and in each:
  • water - dewdrop (x/5), pixie dust (x/3), blue dust (x/1)
  • garden - petals (x/12) pixie dust (x/6), blue dust (x/1)
  • animal - egg shell (x/8) pixie dust (x/8), blue dust (x/1)
  • fast flying - feather (x/25) pixie dust (x/9), blue dust (x/1)
  • light - sunflower seed (x/10) pixie dust (x/10), blue dust (x/1)

"x" being the number the player had and with a "Craft" (button) written on the right side.

Pixie dust power - tasks 1 & 2
Task List
Silvermist ("need water x2; reward dew drop x10") and "Rose" (Rosetta) ("need water x3; reward petals x15")
Pixie dust power - tasks 3 & 4
Task List
Fawn ("need garden x5; reward egg shells x20") and Vidia ("need animal x2; reward feathers x10")
Pixie dust power - tasks 5
Task List
Iridessa ("need light x3; reward sunflower seeds x15")
Pixie dust power - ingredients
Five colored boxes written in each: garden, water, fast flying, animal, light; with the respective images: 3 petals, dewdrop, feather, egg shell and sunflower seed, and colored bottles in all. On the right, Gold Dust and Blue Dust. All with the player's number of items.


  • In the movie, there are many continuity errors about the book:
    • the book/page can be seen upside down in the light-talent page, right when Zarina shows her light-talent orange dust to Tinker Bell.
    • the book is in the garden-talent page instead of the light-talent page, when Zarina turns to the book after talking with Tinker Bell.
    • the water-talent page is flipped horizontally and is on the right side instead of the left, when Tinker Bell flips the pages of the book. The page is flipped back horizontally just before Tink turns to face Zarina.
    • fast flying, garden and tinker pages were on to the right side, instead of the left side, when Tinker Bell was flipping the book.
    • the pages order changed many times as Zarina and Tinker Bell flips it, being:
      • light, fast flying, tinker, garden;
      • light, tinker;
      • water, garden;
      • water, "no result," fast flying, garden, tinker.
  • Zarina only flipped the book from left to right while Tinker Bell flipped from right to left.
  • This book was not mentioned nor shown in Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy (book), storybook.
  • In the mini-game Zarina's Pixie Dust Experiments the recipes are written in single papers. No book was mentioned.
    • The ingredients written in the instruction and used in her experiment are all mixed up if comparing to the Pixie Dust Experiments book.