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Pixie Dust Alchemy-Talent is a fairy talent first shown on the fifth movie. It was originally discovered by Zarina[1], an incredible gifted and powerful dust-keeper and recorded in Pixie Dust Experiments, a book she herself had written; full of inventions regarding the magical and powerful properties of Pixie Dust and Blue Pixie Dust alike.

At the end of the fifth movie, Fairy Gary declared Zarina's inventions and extraordinary Pixie Dust manipulation a true talent;[1] which makes it the first sub-talent in which a single fairy was the first only one to be gifted with.


Fairies in this talent perform experiments with pixie dust by mixing diverse ingredients with blue and gold pixie dusts, creating colored pixie dusts that can perform tasks and feats associated with other talents, being revertible by either removing the dust or adding another colored/talent dust.

See Pixie Dust for all dusts and their recipes.

Known Fairies[]


It is a sub-talent of Dust-talent.


  • Tinker Bell helped in one dust experiment by stirring, and it the dust worked despite her being a tinker fairy.
    • It is unknown how much other talents can make the same tasks from this talent.
  • Is not known if all fairies in this talent might have a book, like the one from Zarina.