Zarina's alchemy station in her house.

In The Pirate Fairy, a Dust-Talent fairy named Zarina performed experiments with Pixie Dust and found that by mixing approximately a daily amound of it, a grain or two of Blue pixie dust, and another ingredient or two, she could create other colors of dust that would allow any fairy to perform tasks and feats associated with other talents. For example, a mix made with crushed sunflower seeds and a pinch of moonflower produced amber pixie dust, which allowed any fairy it was put on to control light. Sprinkling any of these pixie dusts on a fairy will apparently override his or her original talent, only allowing that fairy to use her new one. When a fairy changes his/her talent, the only way to reverts back to their original is to be sprinkled with the dust related to it.


The Pirate Fairy



It is a sub-talent of Dust-talent.


Pixie Dust Alchemists



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