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This page is about Pixie Dust, a recurrent Disney's component. For deeper information about other franchises see Disney Wikia.
"Faith!" "Trust!" "...and Pixie Dust!"
Pixie dust tree - visual development by Scott Fassett

The Pixie Dust Well - Visual development by Scott Fassett

Pixie Dust (also known as Fairy Dust in the books)[1] is a magical, sweet-smelling[2], glitter-like powder that allows anything covered in it to fly. It is an essential component in the daily lives of the Never Fairies, as it allows them to fly.[3] Pixie Dust also can be used by humans, such as Peter Pan[4] and Lizzy[5], as long as they think happy thoughts. Tinker Bell taught both of them to fly by using her own pixies dust.

Nevertheless, Pixie Dust is sifted, rationed, measured, packed, and delivered to the fairies of Pixie Hollow each day.[3] It is the job of Dust-talents to make sure everyone receives one full fairy-sized teacup's worth of dust (including themselves).[6][7]

The majority of the Pixie Dust in Pixie Hollow is kept at the Pixie Dust Mill. However, sometimes fairies will save up their unused Pixie Dust for other purposes. Zarina, for instance, uses her extra Blue fairy dust to perform Pixie Dust Alchemy after the events of the fourth sequel.[8]

Pixie Dust Variants

There are 4 main types of Pixie Dust that are used throughout Pixie Hollow

Gold Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust Tree - dust flowing

Gold (regular) Pixie Dust, as seen in Tinker Bell

Queen Clarion and her Pixie Dust

Queen Clarion has total power over Pixie Dust

Gold,[9] golden[10] or mostly commonly, "pixie dust", comes from the heart of the Pixie Dust Tree. It flows through the tree's branches to the Pixie Dust Well[11] and the dust mill[3] It can gives a new fairy or sparrowman him/her characteristic physical form, and without it, fairies' wings do not support them, only floating briefly before landing again. "Pixie lore"[12] tells that that a bit of Gold Pixie Dust remained "hanging in a cloud over the cliffs on the Northern Shore of Never Land" after the destruction of the Pixie Dust Tree.[12]

A root from the Pixie Dust Tree has made its way all towards the ever-snowy homeland of Winter Woods. It sprouted off a cliff and also flows down, filling a large ice basin.[13] It was due to this that Winter Fairies exists, could fly properly and travel to the Mainland to deliver winter preparations (supervised by its own Minister, under Lord Milori's authority).

Fairy (Pixie) Dust

Fairy dust

Fairy Dust, as illustrated by David Christiana

Also occasionally called "pixie dust" is what's known as Fairy Dust. Fairy Dust is the replacement to the traditional Gold Pixie Dust, granted by Never Land after the destruction of the Pixie Dust Tree.[1] Once a year, dust keepers gathers Mother Dove's molted feathers, grind it into powder and store it in hollowed-out-and-dried pumpkins at the dust mill.[7] It augments fairies' talents, to the point of making talents go beyond their skills. It allows water-talent fairies moving and shaping liquid-food,[14] or tinker using the dust as glue / tightening objects.[15]

The potency and quality of Fairy Dust also varies: Feathers from the chest are better suited to fix things; Those pulled out by force produce more potent dust,[16] yet this process is painful to Mother Dove, and so most fairies look very negatively on anyone who does this. Pulling feathers from Mother Dove results in grounding the fairy for a month and banning them from ever coming near Mother Dove again.[17] If Fairy Dust is not sifted, called Defective (Fairy) Dust, using it makes the fairy's talent so powerful it gets out of control (e.g. growing violent flowers uncontrollably). It can only be cured with talent-calming potion.[18]

Blue Pixie Dust


Blue dust kept at the mill

Main Article: Blue Pixie Dust

Created once every eight years during the Autumn Revelry, Blue Pixie Dust is the most powerful dust of them all.[6] The dust is created by using the moonstone and exposing it to the Blue Harvest Moon's light at ninety degrees.[7] Then, it is collected and carried in a parade back to the Pixie Dust Tree. To restore Pixie Dust Tree's strength- rejuvenating it[19]- some of the fresh Blue Pixie Dust is used directly on the tree on the night of the Autumn Revelry. The rest is kept safely in a box at the Pixie Dust Mill, and can be purified by sifting it.[10]

Twenty-six grains of Blue Pixie Dust is used daily, transforming the amount of Gold Pixie Dust "from a tickle to a roar."[20] Without this dust, the Pixie Dust tree would wither and the gold dust would cease to flow.[19]

Colored Pixie Dust[21]

Pixie dust magic - dusts 2

Bottles from all six colored dusts shown so far. From Pixie Dust Magic

This collection of dusts, each with different names, are produced by pixie dust alchemy-talent fairies, mixing in different portions manifold ingredients, with gold and blue pixie dust. All colored pixie dusts are able to perform feats and skills associated with other talents, or in essence, "switch" talents.[20] The recipes had specifications like the process order, how it was spun, measurements (e.g. cup, spoon) and so on.

Orange Pixie Dust

Also called Light Bender Dust, it has orange or yellow colors depending on the scene or media. It bends rays of moon and sun light. Recipes:

  1. Black sunflower seedBlack sunflower seed(Black sunflower seed)White lillyPixie Dust Powers - pixie dustParticle dust
    Two (three) parts of sunflower seeds with a dash (liquid) of moon flower smashed and spun (two times counterclockwise), a cup of gold pixie dust, one particle/sliver of blue dust.[20] All together: chomped, mixed and heated.[10]
  2. Pixie Dust Powers - seedPixie Dust Powers - seedPixie Dust Powers - seed Pixie Dust Powers - pixie dustParticle dust
    Ten sunflower seeds (or three) smashed 8 times and ten gold pixie dust (five spoons) added to a beaker (with unspecified liquid), spin ten times counterclockwise, and one blue dust.[9]
  3. Orange acornBlue dewdrop(Yellow sunflower)Orange acorn(Particle dust)Orange acornBlue dewdropParticle dust
    Three orange acorn, two blue dewdrops and one blue dust, combined in a pan in the specific order (see above). Advanced version had an extra blue dust and a yellow sunflower (in parenthesis).[21]

Purple Pixie Dust

Also called Fast-Flying Dust, moves wind, creating whirlwind, twisters, propelling subjects and making the fairy fly faster. Recipes:

  1. Purple featherPixie Dust Powers - pixie dustParticle dust
    Trimmings of one purple feather and a cup of pixie dust combine in a pan, continuously stirring (twenty spins clockwise[20]), drop a sliver from blue dust flake.[10]
  2. Pixie Dust Powers - featherPixie Dust Powers - pixie dustParticle dust
    Twenty five feathers (or one) cut in six parts and nine gold dust (seven spoons) added to a beaker (with unspecified liquid), spin seven times clockwise, and one blue dust.[9]
  3. Purple featherPurple featherYellow sunflowerPurple featherYellow sunflowerParticle dust
    Three purple feathers, two yellow sunflowers and one blue dust, combined in a pan in the specific order (see above).[21]
  4. Purple featherYellow sunflowerPurple featherParticle dustPurple featherWhite lillyYellow sunflowerParticle dust
    Advanced version had an extra blue dust and a white lilly.[21]

Pink Pixie Dust

Also called Garden Talent Dust, make plants grow faster and stronger ("optimal plant growth") by sprinkling or touching on them, regardless of the surface, like earth or sand, and move plants out of the way such as vines.

  1. Red gerber (Pixie Dust Powers - petals)DewdropDewdropDewdropPixie Dust Powers - pixie dustParticle dustParticle dust
    Flower petals in a beaker filled with water, for the "optimal effect," a ratio of five pieces of petal for every three drops of extract. Bubbling, pour the pink mixture (as droplets via three sifters structure with petal pieces) into a bowl of gold pixie dust and add two slivers of blue dust flake. It boils and pop violently until it explodes, being complete.[20] (One petal was seen being cut, added to the beaker, yet two more were missing, being used either one petal and three drops or three petals and nine drops.)[10]
  2. Pixie Dust Powers - petalsPixie Dust Powers - petalsPixie Dust Powers - petalsPixie Dust Powers - petalsPixie Dust Powers - pixie dustParticle dust
    Twelve Petals (or four) cut in six parts and six gold dust (spoon) added to a beaker (with unspecified liquid), spin seven times clockwise, and one blue dust.[9]
  3. Red gerber(White lillyGreen leaf)Red gerberWhite lilly[Black sunflower seedRed gerber]Particle dust
    Tutorial version: Two red gerber, one white lilly, one blue dust, combined in a pan in the specific order (see above). Normal version had: one extra white lilly and green leaf (in parenthesis). Advanced version had: an extra red gerber and a black sunflower seed [in brackets].[21]

Water (Talent Fairy) Dust

Has a light blue color. Move water, like ocean, waterfall, geysers, creating waves, holes and passage ways. Can be used to help dying flowers.

  1. DewdropDewdropDewdropPixie Dust Powers - pixie dustParticle dust
    Five Dewdrops (or three) and three gold dust (three spoons) added to a beaker (with unspecified liquid), spin five times counterclockwise, and one blue dust.[9]
  2. Green leaf(Purple feather)Green leafBlue dewdropPurple feather(Yellow sunflower)Blue dewdropParticle dust
    Two green leaves, two blue dewdrops, one purple feather, one blue dust, combined in a pan in the specific order (see above). Advanced version had an extra purple feather and one yellow sunflower (in parenthesis).[21]

Animal Talent Dust

Has an amber color. Makes insects infatuated, convince rats to leave and birds to move or race.

  1. Pixie Dust Powers - egg shellPixie Dust Powers - pixie dustParticle dust
    Eight egg shells (or one half) smashed five times and eight gold dust (five spoons) added to a beaker (with unspecified liquid), spin five times clockwise, one blue dust.[9]

Tinker Talent Dust

Has a green color. Makes the fairy get tinkers' inventions ideas, being able to work on them. Recipe is unknown.


All dusts bellow have unknown properties. All combined in a pan in the specified order, in three recipes for the advanced version two extra ingredients were required (in parenthesis).[21]

Water Breathing:

  1. Blue dewdropGreen leafBlue dewdropYellow sunflowerBlue dewdrop(Green leafYellow sunflower)Particle dust
    Three dewdrops, one green leaf, one yellow sunflower, one blue dust (in advanced an extra green leaf and yellow sunflower).

Dream Dust:

  1. Red gerber(Purple feather)Red gerberPurple featherParticle dustRed gerber(White lilly)Particle dust
    Two red gerber, one purple feather, two blue dusts (in advanced an extra purple feather and white lilly).

Snow Fall Dust:

  1. White lillyBlue dewdropParticle dustWhite lillyBlue dewdrop(Yellow sunflowerBlue dewdrop)Particle dust
    Two white lilly, two blue dewdrops, two blue dusts (in advanced one yellow sunflower and an extra blue dewdrop).

Rainbow Talent Changing Dust:

  1. Particle dustRed gerberOrange acornYellow sunflowerGreen leafBlue dewdropPurple featherParticle dust
    Two blue dusts and one of each: red gerber, orange acorn, yellow sunflower, green leaf, blue dewdrop and purple feather.


  • Gold Pixie Dust crosses over into other franchises often.
    • In Disney's Peter Pan franchise, pixie dust is used many times. The dust dots were clearer and more visible coming with white sparkles.
    • In Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates, pixie dust is produced by the Fountain of Forever.
  • Dream Dust is likely a reference to the Sandman's sand/dust, which makes children fall asleep.
  • Blue Dust has been seen inside four different containers: Autumn Revelry's shell bowl, a dropper bottle (the size of a fairy's hand), a bag, and a glass vial.
    • In Pixie Dust Powers, Blue Dust's dropper bottle was used to hold all Colored Pixie Dusts.
  • Colored Pixie Dust is popularly known as "Alchemized Pixie Dust," despite never being called that in any Disney Fairies' media.
  • Of all ten Colored Pixie Dusts mentioned, only 6 have ever been shown.
Pixie dust experiments book - tinker page 3

A page in Zarina's book, possibly the recipe for tinker-talent dust

  • In Zarina's Pixie Dust Experiments book, only one recipe shown was left unknown to what dust it was related, being possibly the unnamed tinker-talent dust. The ingredients used are also unknown.
  • Bottles with colorful content can be seen at Zarina's cabin/laboratory.[10] However, it is unknown if those were Colored Pixie Dust variants, or something else entirely.
  • Queen Clarion's gown is made from pure Pixie Dust.[22] She also demonstrated she have power over it, as she used it to conjure Pixie Dust from her hands to boost Tinker Bell's wings on her Arrival Day to allow flight and to empower Bobble's own flight, who was running out of golden dust when carrying the Music Box to the Mainland with Clank.
  • Storytelling-talent fairies and sparrowmen do uses Pixie Dust to illustrate their stories, fables and tales at Fairy Tale Theater to many fairy spectators, including Fairy Mary, who is a frequent attendee.[3]