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Pixie Diamonds were a special payment feature released in 2011 for Pixie Hollow Online.  They allowed players who didn't have a membership to access formerly member-only features, such as Animal Friends.


This feature did not always require payment, as they were occasionally given out by simply playing the game. However, if you wanted to obtain a larger amount of diamonds, you would need to pay for them.


Tinker Bell and the Pixie Diamonds

Tinker Bell with some Pixie Diamonds

Pixies with memberships were given a weekly allowance of Pixie Diamonds.

Different allowance amounts depending on the Membership Plan:

Pixie Diamond Allowance for Members (Monthly)
Membership Type Amount of Diamonds
Weekly 30 Diamonds
Monthly 50 Diamonds
Semi-Annual 120 Diamonds
Annual 240 Diamonds

Pixie Diamond Sweepstakes[]

Pixie Diamond Sweepstakes

Occasionally, players would have the chance to win incredibly large amounts of Pixie Diamonds if they applied for the Pixie Diamond Sweepstakes. Only a select few pixies would win Pixie Diamonds, and the grand prize winner would typically receive a bonus real-life reward, such as a membership or merchandise.

Double Diamond Days[]

Double Pixie Diamonds

An advertisement for Double Diamond Days

Double Diamond Sale

An example of one of the Double Diamond deals

Sometimes, there were special deals on Pixie Diamonds, referred to as "Double Diamond Days."

During this timeframe, any purchase of Pixie Diamonds would give the player double what they'd usually get.

For example, if a player spent $35 during Double Diamond Days, they would receive 1170 Pixie Diamonds instead of the usual 585.