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Pirate Fairy Code is a Mini-game, currently available in Disney LOL - Tinker Bell Games.


Characters: Tinker Bell, Fawn, Silvermist, Zarina, Iridessa, Rosetta, Vidia.

Objects: book, key, accordion, sword, rope, chest, flag, ship (and its wheel).

Locations: Skull Rock.


Move the letters to complete the words. Some are exclusive and others repeat in all levels. The six "secret words" are fixed, being one at the end of each level. After completing all levels a puzzle map is giving to be completed with a message at the back using the secret words.

"Ahoy matey! Friends be the jolly bounty of treasure, aye!" - the secret message.


Exclusive to each fairy:

  • Tinker Bell: build, create, design, fix, forgive, gadget, hammer, helpful, leader, loyal, pom-poms, sassy, things, tinker, tool, trust, workshop;
  • Fawn: animal, bird, frog, fun, mischief, mouse, nurture, playful, squirrel, skunk, tomboy;
  • Silvermist: bubble, dew, loyal, pond, positive, silly, splash, sweet, upbeat, water;
  • Iridessa: bright, cautious, cheerful, clever, focus, glow, light, moonbeam, order, rainbow, ray, rule, shine, warm;
  • Rosetta: bloom, fashion, flirty, flower, garden, grow, petal, plant, rose, sprout, style;
  • Vidia: attitude, breeze, fast, feisty, fly, funny, speed, wind, zoom;
  • Zarina: ambition, alchemy, curious, eager, lab, pirate;


  • Repeat: anchor, avast, bilge, blimey, bold, brave, bucko, charm, captain, caring, friend, galley, gangway, hearties, heave, honest, jib, keel, lad, lass, lubber, parrot, plank, port, rigging, sail, savvy, scurvy, scuttle, sea shiver, smart, spyglass, swab, timbers, yo-ho-ho.
  • Secret: ahoy, aye, bounty, friends, jolly, matey, treasure.


The game had seven different instrumental musics at total, being one for home page, four varying in the fairies' levels, one specifically for Zarina's level and one for the secret words.

Some of the instruments used for the musics include chord instruments (guitar, violin), keyboard and wind instruments.

Music Samples[]

Home page: Levels: Secret words:


Pirate fairy code - blue dust bag

the game's blue pixie dust bag

The pirates have stolen the Blue pixie dust and some of its magic spilled on stones. Using the magic in the stones to spell words, the fairies can restore their talent, and using the hidden letters under the stones, it spells a secret pirate words that gives a map leading to the pirates and the stolen dust's location.