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Picture Perfect is a storybook released on January 1, 2010. It is the sixth book in the Disney Fairies Storybook Library series.


Bess is on a mission to create a painting for her studio that will inspire her whenever she looks at it. Her pixie pals take it upon themselves to gather various objects they take inspiration from in order to help Bess get inspired for her painting! Fira, Rani, Tinker Bell, Lily, and Beck all bring Bess various objects related to their talents. Meanwhile, Bess has settled down in her peaceful tangerine crate studio ready for inspiration to strike her, but she is at a loss of what to paint. Nothing Bess could think of was inspiring enough to decorate her walls. Bess tried everything to come up with an idea: hanging upside-down, singing, meditating, yelling, reciting fairy history, but nothing was working! Just then, all her her fairy friends arrive at her studio with all their inspirational objects. Bess was grateful, but all those objects were inspirational to her friends, not her. She just wanted to be left alone. Just then! Bess realized, nothing is more inspiring than the friendship she has with her friends, they would make perfect subjects for her mural.






  • There is an editing mistake as the narration briefly describes Bess as "Beck" on page 16 of the book.