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Pell is a Harvest-talent fairy. She looks very similar to Pluck, both having darker brown hair and slitted brown eyes, but there is no known relationship between the two of them.

Pell usually wears a sleeveless purple shirt with a green collar, a green belt in the same color, a flowy purple skirt that looks as if it were made out of spider silk, and green boots.

In the books[]

In Lily's Pesky Plant, she and Pluck got some sticky sap on them from Lily's plant. They got very angry about it and even told her they wouldn't go to her garden to harvest anymore.

Pell is written about briefly with Pluck in Dulcie's Taste of Magic. When Dulcie visits the wheat mill, Pell and Pluck are putting stalks of wheat in a pile. The wheat makes them sneeze, and they exchange a leaf-kerchief with each other.

She and Pluck were partners for the Fairy Treasure Hunt in Four Clues for Rani. They made the mistake of believing the clue the lost boy, Tootles had told them like many of the others.