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Neverland beach cove

Palm Tree Cove (also: "Beach Cove"[1] or just "Cove"[2]) is located at the eastern portion of Summer Glade. It is an extensive shoreline where Lost Things are often washed up by the sea.[3] In Pixie Hollow Online, the mermaids often visited it and brought some gifts to player fairies, who got pranked by the native dwellers of Mermaid Lagoon. It was also where the Mermaid Grotto's entrance was located, but only in special events former known as the "Silly Days".


Motion Pictures

In Tinker Bell (film), Tinker Bell collected Lost Things from the Mainland that had washed onshore. She fixes a Music Box, found years ago by Fairy Mary, and later returns it to its rightful owner.

In Just One of the Girls, a Pixie Preview, Vidia, Silvermist, Rosetta and Tink want to go on a trip to the Cove.


Palm tree cove above

View from above in the Pixie Hollow online game.

In Pixie Hollow (online game), the Cove was only released as an explorable area on March 26, 2009. Located in Summer Glade, it connected to Neverfruit Grove to the left, Dewdrop Vale to the right, and contained Schelly's Shears saloon and the mini-game Butterfly Painter.

In Tinker Bell's Adventure (desktop game), players could find the Mysterious Item "Mirror" and the frog from Part 4 of the story in the Cove. In Part 11, Fawn gets stuck in the Cove when she runs out of Pixie Dust, soon rescued by Augustus (bird).


  • There is a Disney Fairies' toy line sharing the same name.
  • In the Pixie Hollow online game, the view from above does not match with the background used in game.



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