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You must be Tinker Bell! I am Olwen, a Garden Fairy. I heard you arrival was quite spectacular. We’re all expecting great things from you.
— Olwen[src]

Olwen is a garden-talent fairy who appears in the Disney Fairies Games.

She can usually be found in Spring Valley, Midsummer Hills, Summer Glade, and Snowfall Grotto.

Not to be confused with Olwen, a sparrowman with the same name and talent.


"Olwen is a precocious young garden fairy who has only recently arrived in Pixie Hollow. She looks up to both Tinker Bell and Rosetta, and is quickly becoming a skilled cultivator of all plants and flowers. She can be a little shy sometimes, but if you ask nicely, she can grow your seeds into beautiful foliage for you".

Game data[]

Likes: Poppy

Dislikes: Orange Feather

When Olwen takes an accessory from Tink’s Shop, there’s a possibility she may give a Purple Poppy.



  • Morning, Tink! Did you know Dewberry thinks tomatoes are fruit? Weird.
  • Tinker Bell! I was hoping you’d stop by again.
  • Tinker Bell! How’s my favorite tinker fairy this afternoon?
  • May the afternoon sun help you grow tall, Tinker Bell!
  • And how are we blossoming this afternoon, Miss Bell?
  • I just finished tending to the last ferns of the day.
  • How are you, sproutling?
  • It’s always nice to see my favorite tinker before the end of the day!
  • Oh, Tink, you’re back! And it looks like you’ve sprouted up a bit since I last saw you. Good to see you!

Seasonal Greetings[]

  • Ready for a new season, Tinker Bell? You’re in luck. Preparations for Autumn begin today! Why don’t you go to the Harvest Promenade? I’m sure the Minister of Autumn could use your help.


  • I help plants of every sort to grow up big and strong!
  • To me, seeds are just like wee little babies. And they can be an armful to take care of!
  • The morning air smells sweet indeed.
  • Another sunny afternoon in Pixie Hollow!
  • Look how the stars twinkle tonight…
  • This accessory you made is just flitterific, Tink! I love it!
  • You never know what’s going to bloom until the seeds are planted with care…
  • Life blooms anew in Spring! Isn’t it wonderful?
  • Summer can be a good time to relax…
  • If I had to pick a favorite flower, I’d have to say the Poppy, I think. (Like hint)
  • Someone gave me a hair ornament made from Orange Feathers once, but it didn’t look good on me. (Dislike hint)


  • By the Second Star! This is my favorite, Tink! Thank you!

Water Balloon Message[]

  • This is incredibly beautiful, Tink!