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Nollie is an animal-talent fairy who only appears in the Disney Fairies Games and in the book "Welcome to Pixie Hollow". It was mentioned in this book that she specializes in hair care and grooming of animals. She is usually found in Pine Tree Grove, Toadstool Hatches, Harvest Promenade, and Fall Forest.


Happy-go-lucky Nollie is an animal fairy who doesn't take life to seriously. She's an easygoing, laid-back sort who loves to play games with the fastest and wiliest animals.


Nollie in the first DS game

Game Data[]

Likes: Red Feather

Dislikes: Lemon

When Nollie takes an accessory from Tink’s Shop, there’s a possibility she may give a Green Onion.



  • Up early, are ya? Me too.
  • Hiya, Tink! What’s shakin’ this mornin’?
  • Hey, Tink! Back again? We always have fun together.
  • Whew! I’m almost worn out from chasing chipmunks today.
  • You’re welcome in my neck of the woods anytime, Tink!
  • Hey, Tink! Where have you been flappin’ all day?
  • Hey, Tink! I was just thinking about your smiling face.
  • Tink, you’re back! Whoa, I thought you had flown out to sea or something. Good to see ya!

Seasonal Greetings[]

  • Hi, Tink! Flaptacular day, huh? Summer is coming. We’re all helping to get ready! Why not see if the Minister of Summer needs help? She’s over at Beach Cove.
  • Hi, Tink! Flaptacular day, huh? Autumn is finally on its way! I’m really excited. The Minister of Autumn sure could use some help. Why don’t you head to Harvest Promenade and see?


  • Little buggies are so cute, huh? I’m so lucky to be an animal fairy!
  • I help the birds and animals and even insects!
  • Petting the insects gently always makes ‘em happy. Sometimes they’ll give you something in return. I never pass up a chance to pet a bug!
  • Bugs like to be tickled, too. They like it even better than being petted! So if you see a bug, give ‘em a tickle.
  • Sometimes you’ll find sleepy-headed bugs that doze off and can’t find their way home. Help them out by waking them up!
  • Are ya being a pal to all the little insects, Tink?
  • I hear the waves calling this afternoon…
  • Birds are all tucked away in bed…
  • I keep a collection of feathers that birds have shed. I use them for a bed!
  • Time to help the animals rise and shine!
  • I’m going down to the shores of Never Land this Summer!
  • I saw a cardinal the other day. Its feathers were so red, it’s like they were glowing! (Like hint)
  • Lemons are too sour for me. I don’t even like it in tea! (Dislike hint)


  • Wow, thanks, Tink! This is my favorite! I will treasure it always…

Water Balloon message[]

  • This is incredible, Tink!