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Beware a mermaid’s wrath.

The Never Mermaids are the merpeople native from Mermaid Lagoon. They spend much of their time lounging on the rocks, but they also have a beautiful castle beneath the lagoon, described as being delicate as a goldfish's skeleton. These mermaids are ruled over by Queen Eewee, and often visited Palm Tree Cove during the Silly Days to bring presents to the fairies and play pranks. They also had their own Mermaid Grotto, which were open to fairies for visiting during these special events in Pixie Hollow Online.


Just like the depictions of most of them on the Mainland, Never Mermaids are vain and snobby creatures that are not interested in the life outside their lagoon and will dive into water as soon a danger or stranger come by. The only human the Never Mermaids are extremely passionate for is Peter Pan, who they love to hear his stories. Mermaids are extremely vain and will sun themselves on the rocks, brush their hair and gaze into mirrors much more than a human would. They adorn themselves with glittering jewels, beautiful whalebone combs and lovely accessories, just to increase their already great beauty. Even mermen possess this great vanity.

Physical appearance[]

Never mermaids are extremely beautiful with brightly-colored eyes, scales, and hair. They are scaly all over - even their faces are covered with fine scales. Also, their hands are webbed. Some have spiny dorsal fins on their backs or tiny flippers for fingers. Mermaids range wildly in colouring-from green and gold, blue-green to amber-orange. Green is a common colour among mermaids like Oola, Pah and Soop. Mermen can have pointy ears like fairies and they can have strangely covered skin like blue. Mermaids often wear scarfs which flow around their bodies. Mermaids can also resemble women of different nationalities from the Mainland.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Underwater Breathing: Never mermaids breathe underwater with gills, which they must rest above water occasionally or else they will get sore. They often do this by lounging above the lagoon's surface, but they also have a special air-filled room in their castle, known as the "wind room" for when going to the surface is not an option.
  • Speed-Swimming: They are among the fastest swimmers in the lagoon and such swimming expertise allows them to rival or exceed most marine life found in.
  • Siren Singing: Mermaids are musical beings and they can channel magic through their haunting melodies. It is presumed that they can mesmerize and lure men like the Sirens (half-bird and half-woman creatures) from Greek mythology. Because of this, it's not safe to visit Mermaid Lagoon at night, as the mermaids sing their most magical songs then. This mystical serenade makes pirates see dead sea captains, birds fly upside down, and fairies turn into bats
  • Hydrokinesis (presumably): Like the rest of merpeople, it is likely that mermaids in general are able to bend or shape water, as Soop was known to once having sent a flood to Pixie Hollow.[1]


Though Never Mermaids speak English quite well, they also have their own language (called Mermish) which has thirty-eight vowels and no consonants. Some never mermaids have names that can only be pronounced in Mermish.[1]

Mermaid rank is determined by the size of their nautilus shells. The Queen has the biggest one, and other mermaids are not allowed to have one bigger.[2]

Known Never Mermaids[]


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  • The mermaids (including Prince Nalu) can also move slightly on land but only slowly like a seal.
  • The Never Mermaids makes a brief cameo in 2002's Return to Neverland film, when Jane (covered in Pixie Dust) flies while by their rocky lagoon.
  • The Never Mermaids are never physically shown in any of the Disney Fairies franchise movies, but their lagoon is still visible outside Pixie Hollow.