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There it is, Wendy! Second star to the Right and straight on till morning.

Never Land Cropped

Never Land (sometimes spelled Neverland) is a special island that is held in the water by the belief of children - if they were to stop believing, it would float into the sky. It is also both mobile and sentient in the books - it had doubts about letting Prilla in the first time, and if the island is looking for you, you can't miss it. Never Land moves about freely on the ocean floor, so compasses don't work on the island. The island also changes size depending on its moods and whims, so while the general layout remains the same the distance between locations can vary.

Traveling to Never Land includes following the second star to the right and fly on straight until morning.[1] It is also Mother Dove's Egg that keeps the inhabitants of Never Land (including the fairies) from aging and if it safe, everyone will be forever young.


Never Land is inhabited by fairies, mermaids, a tribe of American aboriginals, and various wild animals. Other notable inhabitants include Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, and Mother Dove. The Jolly Roger, a pirate vessel captained by Captain James Hook, has been ported at Never Land for an unspecified period of time.

One of the most notable qualities of Never Land is that those who live on or around it almost never grow older, though there are cases where they do - the crocodile hatched from an egg in The Pirate Fairy, and is fully grown by the time Peter Pan takes place. While Smee appears unchanged between The Pirate Fairy and Peter Pan, James Hook appears older.[2]

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