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Have you ever wondered how nature gets its glow? Who gives it light and color as the seasons come and go? Who helps all creatures, great and small, to walk, to swim, to fly? Who crafts such tiny details? You might see them if you try. For it's all the work of fairies, but they stay well out of sight.
— The Narrator[src]

Never Fairies, also referred to as "pixies", are tiny humanoids native from Pixie Hollow, whose main function include changing the seasons on the Mainland or human world.[1] They are the main characters in the Disney Fairies franchise.[2] Although born naturally winged creatures, they do still need Pixie Dust to fly at greater distances,[3] and the lack of it results in the inability to take flight, no matter what they do.[4]


Slider fairies

A group of Never Fairies[5]

The Never Fairies are magical creatures responsible to watch over nature or perform talent-associated duties such as crafting helpful inventions (such as the tinker-talents), putting dewdrops on spiderwebs (such as the water-talents) or crafting rainbows (such as the light-talents).[1] By last, they ensure the changing of the seasons and continuously help nature in many ways. But their laws are known to forbid any contact with human (or clumsy in the books) beings as they are considered dangerous. Most fairies are afraid of humans, too.[4] On the Mainland in summer during the late Victorian Era, however, when Tinker Bell accidentally met and eventually befriended a nine-year-old girl named Elizabeth "Lizzy" Griffiths and revealed to her the truth about Never Land, the secret realm of Pixie Hollow and how the Second Star to the right can take someone there, she and her other friends were seen having an afternoon tea with the young girl, her father Martin Griffiths and their pet cat Mr. Twitches. This indicates that Never Fairies trust humans more since then (although they still keep distance from them).



Unnamed Baby

The Unnamed Baby[6]

When a baby laughs for the first time, a pixie is born. The laugh blows a dandelion away, which is carried by the winds to Pixie Hollow at the upper-base of the Pixie Dust Well, where a Dust-keeper sprinkles Pixie Dust on it, resulting in the birth of a new fairy. This is an event called "The Arrival". The pixie that arrives can be either a fairy, a female Never Fairy, or a sparrowman, a male Never Fairy. If a laugh somehow crosses over the Border, it will become a winter-talent and will belong to the frozen world of Winter Woods, where Lord Milori rules with supreme authority.[7]

Prilla's Arrival

Prilla's Arrival[8]

Back in the heat of the hollow, Queen Clarion welcomes the new arrival and the ceremony to discover what type of talent they have begins. She summons mushroom pedestals and fairies of multiple talent guilds bring objects that represent their talents, and to discover what type of talent the new fairy has. When discovering talents, the objects may shine brightly or dimly, showing off how gifted the fairy is. After their talent is found, Queen Clarion asks to other fairies of the same talent guild to introduce themselves and gives the newborn a name. However, it was not shown how Winter Fairies discover their talents, but it most likely resembles their warm counterparts.[ Reference Needed. ]

Pixie Hollow's warm side is under the rule of Queen Clarion, and all warm fairies recognize her as their ruler. Furthermore, fairies can have siblings if the laugh blows away into one or more fairies; no matter if it is a warm-talented fairy or a winter fairy native from the Winter Woods. They have wings are exactly the same in their design and pattern.[9] When they approach each other, their wings glows and can help them to repair their own broken wings. Fairies cannot fly while soaked, even if supplied with Pixie Dust (their ability to fly will return as soon they're fully dried).

Physical appearance


Sewing-talents with a fairy gown[10]

The average Never fairy (whether female or male) stands at five inches tall (12.7 cm), and they are about the size of a mouse. Fairies can appear to be of any ethnicity, although they usually have button noses and slanted eyes. In the films, however, it appears that some features and talents may be more likely to go together: for example, many winter-talents tend to have either white or black hair[9], whereas light-talents usually have dark hair and skin. Each fairy's wing design is unique, there are no two that are exactly the same[7], with the exception of twins born of the same laugh (following the events of Secret of the Wings). Their wings can break if a Warm fairy enters the Winter Woods or if a Winter fairy tries to enter the warms seasons of Pixie Hollow. This causes the fairy to lose their ability to fly forever; without a sibling, this cannot be cured. If they do have a sibling, approaching them causes an intense glow and repairs the damaged wings.

Tinker Bell winter attire

Tink's Winter Attire[11]

Their clothes are made out of natural materials, such as leaves and flower petals, and dyed with diverse shades and colors which varies according to the talent guild they belongs to. Zarina, during her time as the pirate fairy, was seen wearing unnatural clothing and eye shadow.[12] Mother Dove's Egg keeps the inhabitants of Never Land (including the fairies) free of aging as long as it is kept safe and warm.[2] However, if either a fairy or sparrowman leaves Never Land for long, they will begin to age rapidly and die due to old age soon after. While Dewey has an elderly appearance,[9] he was born this way to fill his role as The Keeper, a role best suited for someone old and wise. The Minister of Winter's cold gown is said to be made off snowflakes, whereas the Minister of Autumn's garment/hat are purely made from genuine autumnal leaves with some red berries attached to his belt. By other hand, Queen Clarion's gown is made from pure Pixie Dust.[13] While the Minister of Spring's robes are made from fragrant blossoms, the Minister of Summer is clad in a gown made off warm-weather pretty flowers. The Minister of Winter is the first fairy known to wear earrings, and Zarina is the second one known. The former's ones were made off tiny ice dots, whereas the latter were made off gold and unnatural "pirate-themed" acessories. She did wore them during her time as "The Pirate Fairy". Kit is the only known fairy to possess a birthmark.


Main article: Talent

Each fairy or sparrowman is naturally gifted with a single, special talent. It reflects his or her most inner qualities and personality,


The Talent Choosing Ceremony[14]

While all fairies have a talent[15], only nature-talent fairies/sparrowmen were allowed to go the Mainland, while the others stayed in Pixie Hollow their whole lives.[1] However, after the events of Tinker Bell, they were allowed to visit the Mainland with the others.[4] Furthermore, after Spring during the Late Victorian Period, tinker-talents were allowed to use Lost Things in their special crafts and inventions; they were accepted as part of their daily lives by Fairy Mary, the supervisor and head for all tinker fairies.[1]By doing it, they improved the works and creations of nature fairies and visits the Mainland with them to change winter into spring (at least after the third sequel). They had crafted useful inventions such as the well-known Rainbow Tubes for light fairies to use, and the Flower Sprayer for garden fairies to accelerate the painting of flowers. Even when they're lost, empty Saltshakers filled with water helps water fairies with their dewdrops. By other hand, animal fairies paints ladybugs' backs with a spray mechanism similar to garden-talents, but they do still paint butterflies' wings with fairy-sized paintbrushes.

Known Talents existent in Pixie Hollow:

(as of Tinker Bell's Talent Choosing Ceremony in the 2008 original movie)



    Harmful wasps[16]

    Water: If a fairy is soaked with water, they will temporarily lose their ability to fly as long as their wings remain wet.[4] Even Water-talents cannot swim. Rani is the only exception just because of her sacrifice[2], as her wings had been lost forever during it.
  • Heat: Heat can break the wings of winter-talents and will prevents them from flying again.[9]
  • Cold: Cold can freeze warm-weather fairies to death in the same way extreme cold would a clumsy (human). Cold can also permanently break their wings, forever taking away their ability to fly. Both weaknesses of heat and cold can be cured if the laugh was divided into two fairies.[7]
  • Hawks: They are natural predators and will chase and eat fairies whenever the opportunity presents itself.[1] Even Animal-talents aren't safe of these birds of prey. The only ones who can defy hawks with some chance of survival are the Scouting-talent fairies if they are unlucky enough to find one.
  • Broken Wings: Under most cases, a Broken Wing is a permanent injury that would prevent any fairy from flying again.  Drastic temperature changes can damage wings - for warm-weather fairies, their wings can freeze and break, and for cold-weather fairies their wings can melt and break.  However, if two Fairy Siblings touch their wings together, the broken wing will mend. It is unknown whether the sparkle can repair other fairies' wings or if it would work if the wing was incomplete, since Tinker Bell's wing only had a tear, whereas Lord Milori's was broken off.
  • Sprinting Thistles: Sprinting Thistles are buds/shoots of sharp, spiny leaves in gradient color of green to yellow. It has four thin green roots that work as legs to run. In Tinker Bell (film), their movement are similar to the seeds' bulbs.
  • Mr Twitches: Mr. Twitches is a cat belonging to the Griffiths family. He has a rather sour temperament and enjoys chasing fairies.
  • Wasps: Wasps are harmful and a threat to Never Fairies just as Hawks are.[17]
  • Rats: They are dangerous animals that chase Tinker Bell, Blaze and Terence.[3]

Society and Culture

Pirate fairy - four seasons festival

The Four Seasons Festival[18]

Fairies are known to attends many events such as Queen Clarion's review [1], her Arrival Day's celebration[19] and very important occasions like the Autumn Revelry.[3]

  • The Arrival: When a fairy or sparrowman are born and discovers their talent in the Talent Choosing Ceremony.
  • The Queen's Review: When Queen Clarion, with the help of the Minister of Spring, inspects the final preparations for delivering spring season; it occurs a night before The Evergreen fully blooms and spring is delivered on the Mainland by dawn.
  • Autumn Revelry: Performed annualy at the end of autumn on the Mainland, the Autumn Revelry is where dust-keeper fairies and the others gather Blue Pixie Dust to feed the Pixie Dust Tree. They also illuminate the sky with fireworks, train tadpoles to blow bubbles and a swarms of butterflies fly throughout the blue dust-filled air.
  • Clochette5

    Queen's game scepter[20]

    Pixie Hollow Games: A race where fairies compete against each other. Each competing guild is represented by two fairies: The leader and their partner. They must work as a team, and both must finish an event together to qualify. Precisely how fairies are usually chosen to enter the games isn't completely detailed. Chloe trained and volunteered to represent the garden-talent fairies, and when nobody else volunteered  a name was drawn from a basket to pick another at "random" - in reality, the basket only had Rosetta's name in it, as she had avoided competing in the game while her guild-mates had suffered humiliating defeats. The opening ceremonies take place at the Fairy Coliseum. The competitors enter the coliseum and are introduced to the spectators. Queen Clarion arrives to welcome the spectators and wish the competitors good luck. Once the opening ceremonies are over, the first game begins. The games go on for three days, with one event on the first day, four events on the second day, and one event on the last day. The games are: Leapfrogging, Dragonfly
    Water Skiing, Mouse Polo, Twig Spears, Teacup Challenge and Derby Cart Race.
  • Four Seasons Festival: The fairies make shows with their talents to represent each realm of Pixie Hollow. This is the only event that winter-talents attend on the warm side of Pixie Hollow.

Fairy Camp

Outside Fairy Camp

Outside a British Fairy Camp[21]

There are several encampments that fairies live in temporarily through all over the Mainland[4]; they established their secret camps to help them during changing the seasons. Though never abandoned, there are always fairies coming and going at all times.

Wow! It's like all of the Pixie Hollow under one tree!
— Tinker Bell, in reference to Fairy Camps[src]

The Gift

The Gift is a rare ability that allows fairies and sparrowmen communicate with human beings. Although they understand English language very well,[5] humans only hear tinkling sounds sounds when a pixie talks. The Gift is different to humans and Never Fairies. For the former, it is the ability to hear the latter and understand them.

Mentor Fairy

First introduced in Pixie Hollow Online, Mentor fairies were Tinker Bell and her friends (with the exception of Vidia) leading as heads of specific talent guilds that welcomed new players and gave them useful instructions about the game itself.[22] Since September 19th 2013, they are now extinct due to the game's permanent closure.

Seasonal Ministers

The Never Fairy Ministers of the Seasons

The Seasonal Ministers[23]

The four Seasonal Ministers are in charge of watching over their domain in Pixie Hollow and overseeing common fairies working under their eye. They are:

While respectful in comparison to normal fairies, they are still under the authority of Queen Clarion's rulership and always tries to please her whenever they get the chance.[1] They also travels to the Mainland with their subordinate fairies, and while there, they act as full-time leaders in Clarion's absence.

Attitudes Toward Animals

Cheese and Fawn

Fawn with Cheese (a mouse)[24]


Each Never fairy or sparrowman cares a lot for the exuberant fauna found over Pixie Hollow[9]; they are intuitive towards most animals and can understand its emotions to some degree[3]. However, there are fairies who are gifted with a deeper connection with them; they are the Animal-talents, responsible for the well care and safety of all animals found also on the Mainland. As stated before, Never Fairies in general are about the size of a mouse.

Here's a list of animals who works closely with Never fairies and are associated with their talents:

  • Cheese, the mouse, is seen helping tinker-talents by carrying their diverse items and inventions around the hollow.[1]He also help fairies from other talents, too.[4]As explained before, all Never Fairies are tiny creatures and are about the size of an ordinary mouse (such as Cheese).
  • Dragonflies works closely with water-talents as they help in carrying leafy bags with dewdrops inside it.[9]Whereas tadpoles can be trained to blow up bubbles.[3]
  • Fireflies are known to be lit up by light-talents and are trained to work as torches and lanterns after sundown.[1] Blaze is a firefly who help fairies from all talents.[4]
  • Doves and animals of all kinds are known to be well cared for and trained their basic skills by animal-talents.[1]
  • Earthworms probably work well with garden-talents.[ Reference Needed. ]
  • Birds were seen being dried off by Fast-fliers much faster after bathing.[12]

By finally, doves are known to help them all when delivering warm seasons[1], while Snowy owls helps winter-talents during cold winter on the Mainland.[7]

However, neither an Animal-talent or others can deal or tame a hawk; these birds of prey will not distinguish them by their special talents and will devour a fairy or sparrowman they finds. Fawn was known to take care of a injured hatchling (Hannah), inside her own house, but was forced to let it out when everyone around panicked.[25] Scouting-talent fairies are the only ones who can defy these dangerous enemies if they are unlucky enough to find one. Despite their efforts, hawks kills several fairies a year.[2] Wasps are also harmful threats to Never Fairies.


The NeverBeast or "Gruff"[26]

The NeverBeast, also named "Gruff" by his close friends, is the fierce protector and guardian of the seasonal realms[25]; he awakes of his slumber in a couple of centuries to save the hollow's regions of a massive destruction caused by a magical storm full of dangerous green lightnings and chilling thunder roars. Not much after Fawn's original Animal-talent was restored after the fourth sequel, he was awakened when a green comet roamed the night sky for the first time in a couple of centuries.

Fairy Diet

The Never Fairies are vegetarians that’s means they don’t eat meat.

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  • While "fairy" sometimes refers to the females, the word can also be used in a gender-neutral sense.
  • Fairies in the Tinker Bell series are also called "pixies" at times.
  • Never Fairies seem to be more predominantly female.
    • It's also possible that their genders are purely atheistic, since they don't reproduce via traditional means.
  • The Never Fairies are sometimes named after mythological deities from either Greek/Roman cultures from the Mainland like Luna (goddess of the moon), Helios (god of the sun), Iris (goddess of the rainbow) or Zephyr (wind deity) but relating to the element of their individual, magical talents.