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"Don't tell anyone... but I think that caterpillar-shearing really is the best talent."
— Nettle boasts about her talent to Prilla[citation needed]

Nettle is a playful caterpillar-shearing-talent fairy. She is very good friends with Prilla and Jason, another shearer.


In Prilla and the Butterfly Lie, to get out of shearing caterpillars Prilla told Nettle that she loved butterflies. Since the butterfly herders were sick with the fairy pox, Nettle volunteered Prilla. She appeared again at the end when Vidia went to go get Queen Clarion, Nettle came along. Nettle understood that Prilla really didn't like caterpillars. She was sad about it, but didn't want Prilla to do something she did not like

In A Game of Hide-and-Seek, she is found by Tinker Bell in an old cocoon.