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Needlepoint Meadow

Needlepoint Meadow is located far western Summer Glade and just next to Sunflower Meadow.


Most of the fairies stay away from here because this is where the Sprinting Thistles grow.[1] In Tinker Bell (2008 film), Vidia suggested that Tinker Bell try to corral the sprinting thistles in order to be accepted as a garden-talent, knowing that it would backfire horribly. When is came out that it was Vidia who caused the trouble, Queen Clarion sent her back to Needlepoint Meadow to wrangle all the thistles.

Periwinkle, a frost fairy, was first introduced to her sister's close friends while in Needlepoint Meadow. Rosetta even brings a periwinkle flower (catharanthus roseus) as a friendly gift and tells her she was named after it.[2] Peri also experienced the dangers of warm-weather conditions, was unable to fly and was also carried away to the Border's frozen side for recovery by Vidia and Tink. Later, Lord Milori tells her to go to an ever colder place deeper into the Winter Woods. Queen Clarion does appears and explains to everyone the law that separated both worlds of heat and cold conditions and flies away after she sadly sees Lord Milori for the first time in many years (or possibly even centuries). At the occasion, both reassured they would never be together with each other. An enraged Milori flies with his snowy owl and threw off the Snow Maker (which caused all the trouble) into the river beneath the Border and get back to his icy domain, not realizing the machine that got stuck on a branch which eventually led to a very strong blizzard that buried Pixie Hollow's warm seasons under ice. The bitter cold which came with it also threatened the Pixie Dust Tree and the Never Fairies' existence as well. The Minister of Autumn warns the queen, and she says that her fairy subjects would lose their ability to fly if the tree dies (as everyone's flight is powered by Pixie Dust).