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Ashes and dust! I'm all wet!
— Necia[src]

Necia is the first ever fire-talent fairy in Pixie Hollow.


Necia arrives in Never Land in the book “A Fairy’s Fire” when the first ever fire-talent fairy arrives on Never Land. However, her abilities are hard to control, and initially scare the other fairies. Queen Clarion assigns Silvermist to watch after her, leading to conflict- Necia rebels against Silvermist, who chafes under being forced to watch over the new fairy, whom she distrusts. Necia's only friend is the human girl, Kate.

Necia is blamed for a series of blazes that start up across Pixie Hollow, and is banned from using her talent by Queen Clarion. She disappears from the narrative until the true source of the fires, a new dragon named Tyrras, reveals herself and captures the Queen. Ultimately, Silvermist and Kate come up with the solution- Necia is brought forward to face the new dragon.

When the dragon is found, Necia uses her abilities to defeat her and saves Pixie Hollow, thus gaining trust back from the other fairies, and an apology from Silvermist and Queen Clarion.


It's said that her eyes are as black as coal, but at the same time they are bright, as if a spark shone in them. Her eyes are rimmed with long eyelashes and flaming red hair almost to her ankles.

In the illustrations, Necia appears to have a dark complexion and Afro-textured hair.


Necia is said to have a fiery temper, as shown during her first interactions with Silvermist and when Dulcie dowsed her with tea to calm down. She also has a mischievous side, shown when she burned Dulcie's chestnut roasts. She claims it was a mistake, but Silvermist thought she saw a slight smile on Necia's face. It might have also been in protest as she didn't want to work in the kitchen.

Necia is honest as shown when she almost burned down the Pixie Dust mill. Silvermist assumed she ran away, but she instead went to Queen Clarion to tell her what happened. She is also very loyal, as shown when she follows every rule Queen Clarion makes for her, even when she doesn't agree with them. Despite all of this, she still saves all of Pixie Hollow and the Queen from the dragon because she knows she's the only one who can.



  • Necia is the first original main character who is a fairy in the Never Girls series.
  • Necia is almost certainly the most powerful fairy in Pixie Hollow, being able to single-handedly defeat a dragon strong enough to beat Kyto. Kyto had always required trickery and a magical chain to keep him back, but Necia overpowered Tyras's flames and even controlled them.
  • Necia is the only fire fairy.