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"Trak thinks that something is wrong with my eyes. Imagine! Telling a scout something like that! It's like...it's like...it's like telling an art-talent fairy that she can't paint! He can't just say that!"
— Myka[src]

Myka is a scout fairy with short brown hair and dark brown eyes. Myka is the best of her talent. She has sharp eyesight, great hearing, and protects the fairies from any dangers such as hawks, wasps, bees, and sometimes humans. Her sharp eyesight is also useful for helping fairies find things they need.

In the books[]

She appears in her own book, Myka Finds Her Way. One day, she checks around the meadow thinking she's heard something. While looking around she flies by some strange flowers. Soon, Myka figures out what it is she heard - a thunderstorm. Or is it? Everyone is confused. Myka's eyesight becomes suddenly blurry, but she doesn't want to tell anyone. She tries to use her other good senses to fool the other fairies.