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The Music Box is an object, Lost Thing, that can play music.

Known Music Box

  • Tink's music box
  • Wendy Darling's music box



Clank holding Wendy's music box

In Tinker Bell (film), it explained that a music box had washed up on the beach and was first found by Fairy Mary, yet, not knowing how to fix she left where it was. Years later, it was found by Tinker Bell that fixed it herself, but left the music box on the beach. Clank and Bobble searching for lost treasures, by Tink request, they found the box and together with Fairy Mary they brought it to Tink so she could take it to Mainland for its owner. Sprinkled of fairy dust, the box glowed when it was near its owner, Wendy, so Tink left it in the girl's window. Wendy used the key from her necklace to play the box music. The movie also showed that the music box was made of tuned teeth steel comb, cylinder with pins, gears, and was either activated by rotating the ballerina or using its key to spin the clockspring.[1]

In Tinker Bell and Her Magical Arrival (graphic novel), and magazine issue 31, the comic is similar to the first movie when showing Wendy's music box.

In the Magazines there was an extra illustration of Wendy's music box for an activity to find mistakes in the images.

Tink's music box - from pirate fairy

Tink's music box closed

In The Pirate Fairy (chapter book), it told that the box used by Tink was in fact a music box and its flowers amplified the sound/music.

In all "The Pirate Fairy" stories (film, storybook, graphic novel, etc), the box was used in the fairies presentation for the Four Seasons Festival releasing from its sockets: flowers, butterflies, mirrors, a ring and water, and showing a complex mechanisms that integrated and move its components.


  • Wendy's music box plays the music "You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!" from Peter Pan (1953), composed Sammy Cahn, Sammy Fain. Despite being in the movie credits, this music/sound was not available in movie albums.



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