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Music fairies

Music-talent fairies are Never Fairies who play music in the Fairy Tale Theatre and when Queen Clarion arrives to a place. Percussionists play drums made from hollowed-out minipumpkins. Wind instruments include shell horns, reed-grass flutes, and trumpet flowers. A chirping chorus of crickets, led by the cricket-whistling-talent fairies, often accompanies the musicians.


In Tinker Bell (2008 film), Music-Talent Never Fairies wear shades of red in their outfits. They were seen at Springtime Square playing their beautiful songs when Queen Clarion arrived for her review.[1] The Minister of Spring welcomes her and she talks with her fairy subjects a little while there. Tinker Bell also arrives and is told that tinker-talents weren't allowed to visit the Mainland, much to her shock and frustration. By other hand, Vidia was delighted with the situation but she kept distance.

In the first movie, however, it appeared that Music-Talents didn't had a Maestro and played by themselves but only when the Minister of Spring asked them to do so. When he is accidentally sprayed with purple ink, he just gave a cold glare at them, which caused the red-dressed Music Fairies to stop playing their beautiful tune immediately.[1]

In The Lost Treasure[]

Unnamed Music-talent Maestro

The talent guild's "Maestro" debuted in the second movie[2]

The unnamed sparrowman who appears to be this talent guild's leading "Maestro" is quite similar to the Minister of Spring, although much older in physical appearance and with re-colored clothes. This is because he uses the same character model.


Known Music-talent fairies[]