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Tink and Fawn’s Fairy Quest Sticker Book - mouse

A Mouse is a small rodent that can be found throughout both the Mainland and Never Land. The Never Fairies have many uses for them in Pixie Hollow, whether it be for mouse milk, mouse wool, transportation, or simply having one around as an animal friend.

Dairy mice are most-often cared for by Animal-talents- specifically, the Dairy-talents, who take them to pasture and milk them[1]. These mice are differentiated from other mice in the pasture by the bluebells around their neck- worn similarly to how dairy cows on the Mainland wear cowbells.

Other mice, which are not used for food or wool, are often seen helping out around Tinkers' Nook, or carrying mouse carts[2] across Pixie Hollow.

Occasionally, mice will wear saddles and be ridden by fairies. This allows them to participate in games, such as the Animal Derby & Mouse Polo.


Milk Mice in Meadow

Dairy mice, grazing in the Meadow

Pixie Hollow's milk-producing mice are led to the Meadow to pasture. There, they graze on grass, berries, and whatever else they may come across in the Meadow.[1] The food that a dairy mouse eats is known to affect the milk's flavor, and so what they eat is important. For instance, milk from mice who eat buttercups makes better butter. However, if a fairy wants lavender-scented milk, dairy mice must be brought to Lavender Meadow to graze there instead.[3]

When it comes to snacks, mice are well-known for their love of cheese, and are often rewarded with it after helping around the Hollow. They are also known to enjoy acorn cookies, sunflower seeds,[4] and raspberry juice[5], according to Tinker Bell.

Known Mice


In Tinker Bell's Tea Party (2008), Lily, Rani, Beck, and Tinker Bell visit a mouse barn to gather mouse milk for Tink's tea. There, they collect some milk from a Dairy-talent.

In Pixie Hollow Online, mice can be chosen to participate in the Animal Derby. Both member and non-member fairies could select a mouse to ride on in the race.