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"You're Prilla, aren't you? Prilla. You've come where you belong, Prilla. I'm glad as can be that you're here."

-Mother Dove welcomes Prilla to Pixie Hollow

Mother Dove is a magical creature and the closest thing to pure goodness in Never Land. She makes her nest in a hawthorn tree at the edge of Pixie Hollow. It was at the base of this tree that the fairies first found her, drawn by her goodness. She was also good friends with the Sky Bird before she was magical, they still stay in touch through Queen Clarion.

Mother Dove restored magic to Never Land and brought life back to Pixie Hollow. Mother Dove was once a bird like any other. Then a terrible fire swept Never Land, burning everything in its path. Sitting in her hawthorn tree, Mother Dove burned along with the rest of the island, but she was not hurt. Instead, she was transformed into a magical creature invested with great knowledge.[1]

She taught the fairies a new way of making pixie dust by grinding the magical feathers she shed each year during the Molt. Mother Dove knows each of the fairies by name, and she loves every one of them, even Vidia, who once plucked her. They often come to her for guidance. But the fairies aren't the only ones who rely on Mother Dove. It is Mother Dove's egg that holds the secret to all of Never Land: day in and day out she sits on it, making sure it comes to no harm, for as long as her egg stays well and whole, no creature in Never Land will ever grow old.[1]

In the Books

She is first seen when Prilla went to go see her in Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, even Mother Dove didn't know her talent. When the hurricane came she was just about to molt, but then the hurricane destroyed her egg. Then she sent Prilla, Vidia, and Rani on the quest to save her egg. Instead of Beck she asked Tinker Bell to watch over her. At the end they had saved the egg, but Kyto had contaminated it. Prilla got clumsy children to clap and save it, which turned out to be her talent.

In Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, Mother Dove said that it was too dangerous to give Soop a wand. But, when Soop sent a flood to Fairy Haven she has no choice. She sent Rani, Tinker Bell, and Queen Clarion on the quest to find a wand. It broke her heart to see all the fairies captured with wand madness. She has a wish of her own but would never wish for it, the wish is for her egg to hatch. At the end, she told Prilla to put the wand back to the great-wanded fairies castle.

Later in Fairies and the Quest for Never Land, she was scared of Gwendolyn's love for the fairies. But she let her stay, warning her that something bad might happen out of kindness. Later when Gwendolyn had a dream about two tiffens setting Kyto free, she sent Prilla to retrieve them. Towards the end Kyto captured her and her nest, she also saved Gwendolyn when her skirt caught on fire. She was thankful to Gwendolyn for her help with the quest.



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