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Morgan is an animal-talent fairy that made her debut in the movie Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast.


Morgan from comic

Morgan as seen in the comics

In Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (film), Morgan appears helping a Skunk learn how to aim for his spray. Nyx then asks her what animal made the strong roar they just heard, to which she answers that she does not know, she specializes in grunts and grows, yet Fawn might know about the roar.

In Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (graphic novel), she appears in two frames answering Nyx that Fawn must know about the roar.


  • Her name was not ever said in the movie, only being shown in the credits and in an interview with Olivia Holt.[1]
  • Her outfit color was slightly different in the Graphic Novel.
  • Morgan physical appearance is similar to Chase, with the exception of the eye color.



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