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The Minister of Winter is in charge of overseeing the preparations for winter to the Mainland. She is very practical and detail-oriented.

The Minister of Winter is a blunt, uncompromising fairy. She knows how to get the job done, and isn't interested in nonsense. While generally too busy to spend much time on her hair, she washes it in ice water to make it shiny, a tip she acquired from Rosetta.[ Reference Needed. ] In addition to leading the annual effort to bring winter to the Mainland, the Minister of Winter has identified seventeen different classes of snowflakes, and is considered a great scholar of snow.

Despite this high-ranking Winter Fairy belonging to the realm of Winter Woods, she was present at Tinker Bell's Arrival Day along with Qana and other frost fairies.[1] She sure was hoping for Tink to belong to either the Frost/Snowflake guilds, but the new fairy proved herself as tinker-talent. It is unknown how they crossed over the Border without any consequences. After this, the Minister of Winter was never seen or mentioned again (but she did make appearances in Pixie Hollow Online, since 19th September 2013, when the game was permanently closed. Her last appearance was at Springtime Square, when the final preparations for spring were totally fixed and the Evergreen fully bloomed by dawn in Tinker Bell (2008 film).

Throughout the Movies[]

Tinker Bell[]

In Tinker Bell (2008), she is seen with the other ministers and Queen Clarion. They discuss what is going to happen if spring doesn't come, eventually Tinker Bell fixes everything. Despite being a cold-weather fairy, the Minister of Winter lives in chambers of her own inside the Pixie Dust Tree. Neverthless, she used to live in an Ice Palace in a special meadow in the Winter Woods[2] until the game's permanent closure on September 19th, 2013.


Tinker Bell (DS game)[]

The Minister of Winter appears in the Nintendo DS game, Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell. She is the fairy to interact with when getting preparations for Winter and giving them back to her when completed. She can be found at the Snowfall Grotto Center.

Like most fairies, she will occasionally ask Tinker Bell for various tasks, such as fetch quests, deliveries, and item repairs.


The Minister of Winter watches over the coldest season, when much of nature is at rest. She is a blunt, uncompromising sort with a gown woven from fine threads of frost.

Game data[]

Likes: Poinsettia

Dislikes: Red Dewdrop

There is a chance that the Minister of Winter may give you a Snow Quartz when doing tasks for her or if she obtains an accessory from Tink’s Shop.


  • Ah, Tinker Bell. Good morning.
  • You’re certainly chipper this morning, tinker fairy.
  • I suppose you’re enjoying the sunshine, hm?
  • Enjoying the day, are we, tinker fairy?
  • I’m glad you came back to see me, little tinker.
  • I see you’re out rather late, tinker fairy.
  • You’re as radiant as icicles in moonlight this evening, little one.
  • The success of Winter on the Mainland is my responsibility.
  • Chilly morning, isn’t it?
  • Nice and cool this afternoon.
  • Ah, I love the crisp evening air…
  • The only thing that sparkles more than icicles on a cold Winter’s morn is a fine gemstone.
  • I change the preparation list every year. Why? Because I can.
  • Don’t be careless when repairing items for Winter. The last thing I need is to hear complaints from the fairies who use them.
  • I hope you can finish the preparations quickly, tinker.
  • Ah, Spring. So… cheery and all.
  • Summer is coming… with all the frivolity and whatnot.
  • Autumn is fine… but it’s just a prologue for Winter.
  • I admire the Poinsettia most of all plants. (Like hint)
  • I’m not very fond of Red Dewdrops. I find them a tad creepy. (Dislike hint)
  • Why, it’s lovely! How did you know? Thank you, Tinker Bell.
  • How nice of you! Thank you, little tinker.
  • Oh, my… this is, ah, not exactly my favorite thing, little one.
Water Balloon Message[]
  • Excellent work, the finest in all of Pixie Hollow.
  • So this is what all the excitement is about — I understand now.


  • Despite the other ministers being in charge of their respective seasons, the Minister of Winter is not seen in Secret of the Wings (film), and instead Lord Milori manages the seasonal changes related to winter.
  • Similar to other Winter Fairies in the early films, her appearances in Pixie Hollow's warm side do not match the later films' statements that their wings cannot survive in warm weather- she is simply fluttering about like any other fairy. The Secret of the Wings (film) states that Winter Fairies cannot travel into warm territories without endangering their wings, and vice-versa.
  • The Minister of Winter is the first fairy seen wearing earrings (made off tiny ice dots) during her appearance in Tinker Bell (2008 film) and Pixie Hollow Online. The second one was Zarina, during her time as The Pirate Fairy in The Pirate Fairy (film). She wore round, unnatural pirate-themed gold earrings.
  • In Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell, she likes poinsettia.
  • Despite not being royalty, the Minister of Winter wears a tiara of four spiky icicles. This could represent her high status as Queen Clarion's assistant and the Winter Woods' sole Minister.



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