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The Minister of Summer is in charge of overseeing the preparations for summer. She is short, cheerful, jolly, and is adored by many fairies. She is best friends with Fairy Mary. No one in Pixie Hollow enjoys her job quite as much as the Minister of Summer, if her merry, rinding laugh is any indication. Her laugh can be heard all the way over in the Winter Woods. The Minister of Summer is a free-spirited, bubbly fairy clad in summer blossoms, who is always up for a good time or a good joke.

She is not terribly interested in organization or discipline and sometimes seems more like a doddering mother than responsible for overseeing her summer season. When the time comes, however, she will stay in command. In Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell, she likes fuchsia.

A good friend to her fellow ministers responsible for the other seasons, The Minister of Summer is also Queen Clarion's assistant along them.

Throughout the Movies

Tinker Bell

In Tinker Bell, she is seen with the other ministers and Queen Clarion. They discuss what is going to happen if spring doesn't come.

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

In Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, she only appears in one of the deleted scenes, in which she sends the fairies to rescue Tinker Bell.

Secret of the Wings

She is seen with the other two ministers and Queen Clarion trying to prevent the cold from reaching the Pixie Dust Tree.