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Queen Clarion, Your Illustriousness! As Minister of Spring, I welcome you to Springtime Square.
— Minister of Spring[src]

The Minister of Spring is in charge of overseeing the preparations for Spring. He has an anxious personality and seems to be something of a perfectionist. Although Spring is a wild, merry, and carefree season, the Minister of Spring is not any of these things. He imposes perfect order on the preparations for his season. 

He wears a neatly-cut suit of spring blossoms. Despite his seriousness, The Minister of Spring is also kind, especially to plants.[1]

A good friend to his fellow ministers responsible for the other seasons, The Minister of Spring is also Queen Clarion's assistant along them.

Throughout the Movies[]

Tinker Bell[]

When waiting for Queen Clarion to look over the preparations, he was extremely and unnecessarily worried that she wouldn't find them satisfactory in the original movie. While Tinker Bell shows her inventions, he seems very uninterested, and ends up getting sprayed with flower paint. Later in the movie, he and the other ministers discuss what they are going to do when Tinker Bell destroys the preparations.

Secret of the Wings[]

He is seen with the other two ministers (Summer and Autumn) and Queen Clarion trying to prevent the cold from reaching the Pixie Dust Tree.


Tinker Bell (DS game)[]

The Minister of Spring appears in the Nintendo DS game, Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell. He is the fairy to interact with when getting preparations for Spring and giving them back to him when completed. He can be found at the Springtime Square Gazebo.

Like most fairies, he will occasionally ask Tinker Bell for various tasks, such as fetch quests, deliveries, and item repairs.


The Minister of Spring is in charge of the season of rebirth, when nature awakens from its slumber. He is a fastidious sparrowman, clad in a neatly-cut suit of spring blooms.

Game data[]

Likes: Violet

Dislikes: Yellow Shell

There is a chance that the Minister of Spring may give you a Never Pearl when doing tasks for him or if he obtains an accessory from Tink’s Shop.


  • Good morning, little blossom.
  • A true privilege to see you again, Tinker Bell!
  • Good afternoon, flower petal!
  • Good day, Tinker Bell. Staying out of trouble, I trust?
  • If it isn’t my favorite tinker, back again!
  • I hope your day bloomed brightly, Miss Bell…
  • Tinker Bell! Did you have a pleasant day, I trust?
  • So nice to see you again before the day ends, Tinker Bell!
  • Tink! You’ve returned to Pixie Hollow!
  • The success of Spring on the Mainland is my responsibility.
  • Grass is green, sun is warm…
  • Ah, the sun has gone to sleep…
  • When you’re repairing items for Spring, please exercise the utmost care… we don’t want them to break again!
  • Every year, the preparations for Spring are different. We’re always looking for new ways to make Spring brighter than ever!
  • Ah, the preparations are finally on its way! The big moment is close…
  • I’m glad Summer is here. It means Spring was a success!
  • Autumn is a restful time for me…
  • Winter! Brr. I’m already looking forward to Spring.
  • Aren’t the Violets just smashing this year? (Like hint)
  • Ah, the foliage of Spring is beyond compare, no? The Violets are especially beautiful. (Like hint)
  • Yellow Shells always bugged me for some reason. I think they look a little sickly. (Dislike hint)
  • Why, it’s lovely! How did you know? Thank you, Tinker Bell.
  • How nice of you! Thank you, little tinker.
  • Oh, my… this is, ah, not exactly my favorite thing, little one.
Water Balloon Message[]
  • Perfection, Miss Bell! Your work is the finest in Pixie Hollow.
  • Quite the popular item, Miss Bell. I’m glad to have gotten one.



  • The Minister has a pet crocus that sits on his windowsill.[2]
  • Most garden-talents believe that the Minister of Spring was a garden-talent himself before becoming a minister, but no one knows for sure.
  • An unnamed sparrowman that debuted in the second movie is quite similar to the Minister of Spring with recolored colors and same character model. He appears to be the Music-talents' leading "Maestro".[3]



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