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Queen Clarion, the Pixie Dust Tree!
— Minister of Autumn[src]

The Minister of Autumn is a sparrowman of high rank who is in charge of overseeing the preparations for autumn to the Mainland. Unlike the Minister of Spring, he is quite patient and calm. He is very kind, and has a deep voice. For the Autumn Revelry, he selects Tinker Bell (as recommended by Fairy Mary), representing the Tinker Talents, to make the Scepter.

Wise and logical, the Minister of Autumn is hard to fluster. He oversees the preparations for Autumn with a steady hand and a kind word for every fairy. Generally hands-off, the Minister of Autumn would rather trust the fairies in this charge to do their jobs well than get in their way. However, when the time comes to bring Autumn to the mainland, he can be found in the thick of things, ensuring nothing goes wrong, and he wears a suit of orange, brown, and red leaves.

When the Blue Harvest Moon is about to rule Pixie Hollow's night sky once every eight years, the Autumn Revelry is also about to be held at the Harvest Promenade. In such special ceremony approaching, the Minister of Autumn works his hardest to ensure everything is going well[1]; the Blue Pixie Dust has to be created without a chance of risk.

A good friend to his fellow ministers responsible for the other seasons, The Minister of Autumn is also Queen Clarion's assistant along them.

Throughout the Movies[]

Tinker Bell[]

In Tinker Bell, he is seen with the other ministers and Queen Clarion. They discuss what is going to happen if Spring doesn't come.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure[]

In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, he is hesitant at first to let Tinkerbell make the scepter, but becomes convinced by Fairy Mary.

Secret of the Wings[]

He, along with the other ministers, try to protect the Pixie Dust Tree from the frost coming from the Winter Woods.


Tinker Bell (DS game)[]

The Minister of Autumn appears in the Nintendo DS game, Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell. He is the fairy to interact with when getting preparations for Autumn and giving them back to him when completed. He can be found at the Harvest Promenade Dais.

Like most fairies, he will occasionally ask Tinker Bell for various tasks, such as fetch quests, deliveries, and item repairs.


The wise and logical Minister of Autumn looks after the season of harvests and changing colors. He wears a suit of orange, brown, and red leaves.

Game data[]


Dislikes: Rock Crystal

There is a chance that the Minister of Autumn may give you a Fire Opal when doing tasks for him or if he obtains an accessory from Tink’s Shop.


  • Good morning, little tinker.
  • How are you this morning, Tinker Bell?
  • I’m glad you’ve come to visit me again, Tinker Bell!
  • Good afternoon, little one.
  • Good day to you, tinker fairy.
  • You are a most welcome sight this fine afternoon, Tinker Bell.
  • Good evening, little tinker.
  • Your presence makes the evening brighter, Tinker Bell.
  • Tink! You finally returned to Pixie Hollow!
  • The success of Autumn on the Mainland is my responsibility.
  • Please takes care with your repairs. You don’t want to have to fix things a second time.
  • A nice, quiet morning…
  • A nice, quiet afternoon…
  • A nice, quiet evening…
  • It would be most appreciated if you could complete the preparations as soon as possible.
  • Miss Bell, if you’re having trouble finding items on the list, consult some of the other fairies.
  • Your dedication and hard work are quite impressive, Miss Bell.
  • I find the many colors of the leaves in Autumn to be quite calming, don’t you?
  • The leaves, with all their slowly changing colors, bring me much peace.
  • I must admit, this accessory you made is quite a work of art, Miss Bell!
  • I’m sure the Minister of Spring will do a respectable job.
  • I’m sure the Minister of Summer will do a commendable job.
  • My season is going to be perfectly punctual this year.
  • I’m sure the Minister of Winter will do an admirable job.
  • Some fairies like Rock Crystals… but I just find them to be colorless and plain. (Dislike hint)
  • Why, it’s lovely! How did you know? Thank you, Tinker Bell.
  • How nice of you! Thank you, little tinker.
  • Oh, my… this is, ah, not exactly my favorite thing, little one.
Water Balloon Message[]
  • Splendid craftsmanship, excellent details, and the finest materials… great work, little tinker.



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