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Mia is smart, pretty, and responsible. She loves beautiful things: flowers, horses, jewels…not to mention fairies and mermaids! Although Kate and Mia are quite different, they’re very best friends and willingly follow each other into adventures. Mia is Gabby’s older sister, a role she relishes…sometimes.

In the Books[]

Mia has been the main focus in a few of the Never Girls books.

In The Space Between, the Vazquez’s cat Bingo, goes missing in Pixie Hollow, where he’s terrorizing the fairies.

In A Dandelion Wish, Gabby and Mia have a fight. This causes Mia to go ask Rosetta if she’d like to come to her house and for Gabby to sneak off to Pixie Hollow. Meanwhile, their father fixes the fence, which destroys their only means of getting to and from Never Land, thus trapping Rosetta on the main land and Gabby in Never Land. By the end of the story, the portal switches to Gabby’s closet so both are able to go back home. From then on, everyone promises to never go to Pixie Hollow alone.

In A Pinch of Magic, Mia makes a bet with some other girls that she can make better pastries then they can. With the help of Dulcie, she is able to make the best cupcakes, even after Dulcie leaves early to help Lily repair her house.

In Under the Lagoon, Mia is very cautious about Gabby’s new mermaid friend, after all the fairies tell her how dangerous they are. In the end though, Gabby and her new friend are able to stay friends.

In Through the Dark Forest, Mia must face her fears and try to lead the group. After getting them stuck on Shadow Island, Mia must take charge when Kate is injured. It’s up to her, Lainey, and Rosetta to face the elders so they can get information on their missing friend, Tinker Bell.