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Pixie Hollow Membership

Tinkerbell next to a Membership Card

Membership was a paid, subscription-based feature on Pixie Hollow Online that granted players access to exclusive, member-only game elements.

This included the ability to personally bake/craft/tinker (and thus be able to keep any items they made) the ability to buy member-only clothes & accessories, and access to member-only areas such as the Ballroom.

With the addition of Pixie Diamonds, a lot of formerly member-only experiences, such as the ability to own an Animal Friend, were now available to players who owned Pixie Diamonds.

However, to keep memberships enticing, members were granted a monthly Pixie Diamond allowance. The amount of Pixie Diamonds distributed was relative to how committed a player's subscription was.

Thus, a fairy paying for a weekly membership would receive significantly less diamonds than a fairy paying for an annual membership.

Payment Options[]

Membership Options
Membership Card 1 month

A membership card, worth 1 month of Membership

Membership could be purchased in two ways:

  • Digitally, via the Disney Fairies website
  • Physically, by purchasing a physical Membership card.

Membership cards were non-renewable, and a new one had to be purchased & redeemed every time they would expire.

Meanwhile digitally purchased memberships could automatically renew themselves.