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Melina is a glass-blowing-talent fairy who appears in Iridessa, Lost at Sea. She has strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and pale peach skin. The outfit she is portrayed in is a blue tunic, turquoise leggings, a bright green leaf headscarf, a green leaf apron, and olive green shoes.

In the books[]


In Iridessa, Lost at Sea she appears when Tink and Iridessa visit the glass blowing workshop. She shows Iridessa and Tinker Bell a few different glass bottles, but none are what they are looking for.

In Rosetta's Dress Mess, Melina (possibly the same one; no talent is given) asks Rosetta's advice on her sleeves. Rosetta suggests that her "gorgeous" hat means that nobody will notice anyway, but recommends puffed out sleeves. Melina is delighted- a compliment from "the best-dressed fairy in Pixie Hollow is enough to make anyone's day!".