Dr. Martin Griffiths is a scientist whose primary field of study seems to be lepidopterology - that is, the study of butterflies and moths. He considers himself to be extremely rational and has little patience for things he believes to be fantasy, such as fairies. Although he is often absorbed in his work, he loves his daughter, Lizzy Griffiths, very much.


Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

He mostly ignored Lizzy most of the time, busy with other things such as the leaks which Tinker Bell fixed. Lizzy tried to convince him to believe in fairies, when he didn't that made Tink mad causing him to almost capture her. Instead Dr. Griffiths captured Vidia, he had intended to show her to other scientists in the hopes of furthering his career, but Lizzie eventually convinced him to let Vidia go.


  • His first name is never given in the film, but is stated on his character page on Disney's official site and in a deleted scene.


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