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Mariana is a shopkeeper who runs the Item Shop alongside Augustus.

In the game, she offers three services: process threads, make clothes, or wrap presents. She can turn threads from Fawn's silkworm minigame into usable threads for crafting or she can dye your already-made threads.. The can also turn any flowers and threads on you into all kinds of clothes. Lastly, she can wrap gifts for you. You can only give gifts if they are wrapped, so this is important.


"An energetic, upbeat fairy, Mariana has recently opened a shop in Pixie Hollow. She offers custom-made clothing, services for strengthening and coloring threads, and even gift-wrapping!"

Game data[]

Likes: Jewels

Dislikes: Black Shell



  • How are you this fine morning, Tinker Bell?
  • Tinker Bell! It is truly a rare treat to see you again this fine morning.
  • Ah, it is quite a treat indeed to see you again this afternoon, Tinker Bell!
  • Good evening, Tinker Bell!
  • Tinker Bell! I’m thrilled you decided to stop by again before the end of the day.
  • Oh, Miss Bell! Thank goodness — I thought my favorite customer might be gone forever! Welcome back!


  • I help fairies find everything they need, to look their best!
  • It’s a busy morning in the shop!
  • My store sure has been busy this afternoon…
  • It was a busy day in the shop!
  • Sometimes when I’m not at my shop, I like to help garden fairies out a little. Plants are just so fascinating, don’t you think?
  • Oh, how wonderful it is to see fairies flitting about wearing my dresses!
  • You can dye white threads with fruit extracts. If you want to dye your white thread in a different color, bring the thread and the fruit to me!
  • Spring is here! Time for a sale, perhaps…
  • I’ve heard there’s a mine hidden deep within Winter Woods, where all sorts of gorgeous gems can be found! (Like hint)
  • If there’s one fashion accessory I don’t recommend, it’s Black Shells. I don’t care for them at all. (Dislike hint)


  • Goodness, Miss Bell! I love these — how did you know? Thank you!
  • Oh, um — not quite my favorite thing, but thank you, I suppose.

Water Balloon Message[]

  • Nice work, but I’ve always been a fan.