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Making Rain is a quest nonmembers can do. It is an eight step quest. Story: Silvermist is preparing to water the flowers in Springtime Orchard. The reward is the red posy pillow.


   Step 1: Silvermist needs her umbrella to water Springtime Orchard, as her wings would dissolve at water contact, but she had lended it to Fawn prior to the quest.  She wants the player to get it back for her.

   Step 2:  When the player goes to Fawn's Hideout, Fawn gives the umbrella, but warns the player that a family of Crispwing robins(robins whose wings can NEVER get wet) live there and will be staying there for a while.  Fawn asks the player to repeat the message to Silvermist.

   Step 3:  Silvermist has an idea on how to water Springtime Orchard without getting the Crispwings wet.  She wants the player to get 6,000 points in Water Web.

   Step 4: Silvermist thinks that the collected water isn't enough to water Springtime Orchard.  She wants the player to play Bubble Bounce and get 3,000 points.

   Step 5: Silvermist wants the player to get 20 spider silk.

   Step 6: Silvermist wants the player to go to Tinker Bell's house, so the spider silk can be turned into ropes.

   Step 7: Tinker Bell wants the player to collect 5 rose petals.

   Step 8:  The spider silk ropes are ready to be delivered to Silvermist!  After this step, you'll be done!

         (SPOILERS END)