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Mainland Quests is a quest you can receive from Kit. Like all of Kit's other quests it is performed on the Mainland. The quest has one step and was released on March 26, 2009.

Quest Guide[]

Kit: "Psst! Hey you! Yeah you, in front of the computer!"
"Kit here. I know you have a great time flying around Pixie Hollow. I bet you also have a lot of fun at your home -- you know, on the “Mainland."
"And that made me wonder -- how would you like to do some special quests where you live?"
"What do you say? Are you ready to try quests on the Mainland?"

Step 1[]

Kit: "Great! I have the perfect quest to get you started. In Pixie Hollow, every Fairy has a special talent, right?"
"Everyone on the Mainland has a special talent, too. And like Fairies, people like to know that other people appreciate their talent!"
After you leave Pixie Hollow today, why don’t you compliment someone you know on their talent? Maybe they’re good at cooking or drawing, or maybe they just have a great laugh!"
"Got it? Come back tomorrow and tell me how it went!"

Give someone you know a compliment about one of their talents!

Story So Far Kit wants you to celebrate the talent of someone you know by saying something nice to them.

Once you log out of Pixie Hollow, find someone special on the Mainland to give a compliment to.

After 24-hours, log back in and visit Kit again. She will ask you if you have completed the task:

Kit: "How did it go? Did you compliment someone?"

Select: I sure did!

Kit: "Good job! I bet you made them feel great."
"Don’t forget, you can always make people feel better by saying something nice to them!"


You'll receive a point toward your Kit Mainland Quests Badges.