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To the air fairies, to the air. The Mainland await us.

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The Mainland is home to human beings[1] (also known as clumsies in the books)[2]. It is where fairies go to change the seasons and perform talent-associated duties according to a specific season, presided over by a minister. While there, they also watch over nature with the help of their magical talents. Several Fairy Camps can also be found through the many countries found over the Mainland.[3] It also consists up of many countries, large cities such as London and even small settlements.[4]

Furthermore, there also many old buildings in England's rural area; the Cottage being one of them, as it belongs to Lizzy's father.

The Evergreen fully blooms when spring has to be delivered to the Mainland by nature-talent fairies, and only reopens its petals by the next year to repeat this endless cycle. Before the events of The Great Fairy Rescue, Tinker-Talent Never Fairies were not allowed to visit the Mainland.[1]


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