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Hello, Tink! Nice to meet you. I’m Magnolia, a Leaf Fairy! Autumn is my busiest season, changing all the colors of the leaves. Plus, I can exchange any leaves you have for something really neat! So if you find any leaves, bring them to me.
— Magnolia[src]

Magnolia is a Leaf-talent fairy who appears in the games and books.


Leaf fairy Magnolia likes Autumn most of all, when her talents for painting leaves are put to the best use. She is always mixing different berry-paint to find the perfect shades of red and orange for the season. She likes all colors of leaves, however, and will happily exchange things for them.


In Welcome to Pixie Hollow (2012), an illustration of Magnolia is available.

In Tinker Bell (game) (2008), Magnolia gives seeds in exchange for leaves. She can usually be found in Harvest Promenade, Fall Forest, Midsummer Hills, and Lilypad Pond.

Game Data[]

Likes: Ginkgo

Dislikes: Orange Shell



  • I’ve been working on painting red leaves all morning…
  • The afternoon sunlight shining through the leaves is so beautiful!
  • Good afternoon, Miss Bell!
  • Nice to fly with you, Tink!
  • I always feel a little bit happier every time you stop by, Tink.
  • Good evening, Miss Bell!
  • It’s quite a serene evening, don’t you think?
  • I hope your day was filled with wonderful memories.
  • Oh, Tink! Thank goodness — I thought you blew away in the wind! Please don’t leave us again!

Seasonal Greetings[]


  • I paint the leaves glowing colors, especially in Autumn.
  • Sure is warm this afternoon…
  • I’m sure fast-flying fairies can collect many leaves with the winds they create…
  • Spring means many new leaves to paint…
  • Summer is quite relaxing, don’t you think?
  • Not many leaves to paint in Winter…
  • I find that Ginkgo leaves have the prettiest shape. (Like hint)
  • I don’t care for seashells much, especially the orange ones. (Dislike hint)


  • Bounce my branches, Tinker Bell! I love these! Thank you!

Water Balloon message[]

  • This is terrific! I’m a big fan.