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You’re Tinker Bell, right? Nice to meet you. I’m Luminaria, a Light Fairy.
— Luminaria[src]

Luminaria is a light-talent fairy who appears in the games and books.


In Welcome to Pixie Hollow (2012), an illustration of her is available.


Tinker Bell (DS Game)[]

Luminaria appears in Tinker Bell (game) (2008). She is often found in Sunflower Meadow, but can sometimes be found in Lilypad Pond, Summer Glade, Midsummer Hills, and Pine Tree Grove.


"Light fairy Luminaria can usually be found frolicking with fireflies. She has a soft spot for the cute little creatures, and loves handing out handfuls of light and playing tag. Just look for the brightest glow, and that’s often where she is."

Game data[]

Likes: Garnet

Dislikes: Black Feather


  • The sun is up, and so are we, Tinker Bell!
  • Sure is great to see you again this fine morning, Tink!
  • Hi, Tinker Bell! Sun is shinin’ in the sky, there’s not a cloud in sight…
  • Afternoon, Miss Bell!
  • Good afternoon, sunbeam!
  • Sure is nice to see you once more, Tink!
  • I’ve been practicing my rainbows this afternoon.
  • It’s a rare treat to see you back again today, Tink!
  • The stars are out… twinkle, twinkle, Tinker Bell!
  • Oh, Tink! Thank goodness — I thought my sun would never shine again!
  • I can bend and manipulate light, and even create rainbows!
  • Have you ever heard something drop… but you couldn’t see what it was? Strengthen your glow next time this happens, and you might find what you’re looking for!
  • Even though you can glow strong, you can’t glow as strong as a light fairy. So you need a light fairy’s help to go to places like the cave.
  • Have you heard of the mine in Winter Woods? I heard many sparkly jewels are there…
  • Bats are afraid of bright light. Looks like our small glow is enough to scare them away!
  • How is it going, Tink? Have you mastered the glow?
  • The morning air smells sweet indeed.
  • Another sunny afternoon in Pixie Hollow!
  • Look how the stars twinkle tonight…
  • Spring flowers smell so sweet…
  • Sunny Summer is finally on its way! I can’t wait…
  • I find the warm glow of the Garnet to be quite soothing after a busy day… (Like hint)
  • Black Feathers are too dark and depressing for me. (Dislike hint)
Water Balloon Message[]
  • This is incredibly beautiful, Tink!

In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (game) (2009)...

In Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (game)(2010)...

In Tinker Bell's Adventure (2014), Luminaria can be found in Sunflower Meadow. In Part 13, if clicking on Luminaria, she states that she is worried about Iridessa that was sneezing and dizzy with a case of the Hay Fever.


  • She is one of the minor characters with major change in their physical appearance.